GCC Player’s Super-Injunction “Overruled”


 In a landmark case, Upswinger has won it’s nine month legal fight to publish the XXXX-rated sex-tapes of former GCC legendary wicketkeeper/batsman Michael Edwards. In the EXCLUSIVE audio recording, the former player describes in graphic detail one of his “early experiences” – confiding to a team mate during last summer’s cricket tour of Devon. Whilst the team mate in question cannot be named under the outstanding elements of the super-injunction/”agging-order” in place by Edwards, we shall simply call him “Mr. Splodges”.


Upswinger, represented in court by Reading Lawyers, fought a hard legal battle to release the footage “in the interests of GCC and the wider cricketing public“. In losing the case, the lawyers for Mr. Edwards, namely “Richards, Sarsfield and Hall“, claimed their client was “blackmailed and tricked into the situation, when he was clearly only reading a letter out of the newspaper The Sunday Sport“. Judge Wincott presiding was quick to point out that such a publication [unfortunately] no longer existed and hence the case was fatally floored and the argument could not be proven.

Edwards,who is also known as “Studs” due to his frequent lack of suitable wicket-keeping footwear, is rarely seen on the cricket pitch nowadays – having found Miss Right and having been served with an “AGBO“, which means he is not allowed out as much and is not as  funny as he used to be.

Edwards showing McIlroy how it should be done (golf, that is).

 He was most recently spotted by an eagle-eyed GCC squad member in Caversham (twice in April) who immediately flagged it to our twitter feed (@upswinger) – and more publically when he fluked the winning of the GCC 2010 Golf Open at The Springs (which incidently will be held this year on 5:8:11, just in case you were unaware…).


The full, emotionally-charged audio can be heard via this video link below. A transcript of the tape can be found under the bed of the upstairs room in “The Cottage” at the Shire Horse Centre, Chittlehampton, Devon in a brown envelop labelled “NC=74 (including pencilled paps)”.

[NOT (that) SAFE FOR WORK (but not so bad really)]


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