Royal Wedding Streaker – First Pictures Here!!!

Sorry all, I know we need to get back to cricket talk on here (Tom Ferry – any match report yet..? We don’t even know who won on Sunday) – BUUUUT, in pre-empting words in future news stories, our website hits increase dramatically. As regular readers know, our web masters, Duncan and Jim, have written a “Computer Program” that allows me to provide details of all the search terms that were typed into to Google (or Lycos) that then directed web searching folk to our wonderful website. Over the last 7 days, here’s what people have searched to end up at Upswinger (dot com). Madness.

Now, just suppose there IS a streaker on Friday….

Search Views
super injunction 23
upswinger 14
super injunction 2011 5 5
kate middleton topless 3
“super injunction” 3
who is the player with the super injunction 3
super injunction april 3
super injunction blog 3
name the player, super-injunction 2
super injunctions 2011 2
cricket am 2011 2
goring upswinger 2
superinjunction 2
super injunction named 2
upswinger goring 2
super injunction players 2
who is super injunction


Other news – Congrats to Steve Wincott, Simon Butterfield and Brian Caulfied – all unbeaten 50’s on Sunday.


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