Match Report :: Ferrymen vs. Hurley – Home, 1st May 2011

On a pleasant day with the Masoom’s sponsorship banner flapping gently in the breeze, another fantastic team performance from Goring led to a convincing victory over Hurley CC. In particular the efforts of Under 13 Academy players Alexander McGee and Chris Humpreys with the ball, and old hand Jonny Russell with the bat, stood out.

On a wicket that had yielded close to 400 runs the previous week, Goring were asked (with some trepidation) to field first. Barton and Ferry commenced with some accurate bowling and duly removed both of Hurley’s openers, stand in wicket keeper Butterfield taking some good catches; Hurley were really pinned down by some outstanding bowling from Slade (5 overs for 3 runs) and Humphreys (4 overs for 4 runs) – Humpreys importantly removed the dangerous Selvage for 26 in his fantastic spell. Skipper Ferry continued to ring the changes, bringing on McGee, who promptly demolished the Hurley middle order with some fine away swing, and Markham, who bowled some excellent spin. With tea fast approaching, Ferry returned to the attack, mopping up the tail with two quick wickets. This left Hurley the task of defending their score of 86 from 30 overs.

Tea done, Goring came into bat with great confidence (having scored a total of nearly 500 runs in their previous two Sunday innings this year); Westcar showed a glimpse of the future with a lovely cover drive for four in the first over, before unfortunately finding the square leg fielder when trying to pull to leg. This early wicket brought Russell to the crease who hit his first ball for four! Indeed, he was still there at the end of the innings having scored 59 not out from only 24 deliveries. At the other end, Academy player Tong-Jones showed some good stroke play, finally being undone by a ball that jagged back in. The batsman continued to come and go, with Wincott out LBW for a duck and Butterfield, after some good shots, caught “trying to push on”. Markham finally provided some stability, feeding a rampant Russell the strike that allowed Goring to end the run chase inside 13 overs – amassing 89 runs from 75 balls.

All in all it was another fantastic performance from Goring, with particular congratulations going out to our younger players.


Hooper Ct Butterfield B Ferry 0

Ainger Ct Butterfield B Barton 9

Selvage B Humphreys 26

Simon J Ct Westcar B McGee 8

Hinnell snr Ct Westcar B McGee 1

Hinnell jnr St Butterfield B Markham 6

Savage B McGee 1

Sawtell Not Out 7

Griffin B Ferry 4

Adams St Butterfield B Markham 3

Simon R B Ferry 0

Extras 21

Total 86

(McGee 3-16, Ferry 3-24, Markham 2-4, Humpreys 1-4, Barton 1-25, Slade 0-3)



J Westcar Ct Sawtell B Adams 4

O Tong-Jones B Simon R 3

J Russell Not Out 59

S Wincott LBW B Simon R 0

S Butterfield Ct Selvage B Adams 14

A Markham Not Out 4

Extras 5

Total 89 (4 wickets)

(Adams 2-39, Simon R 2-23, Selvage 0-17, Hooper 0-5)


NB. The Dangers of Drinking

Slice of grilled elephant leg anyone?

I thought you might like to see the original match report, started at a late hour last night, kebab in hand, following several hours of quaffing in the soc [I think he means Tha Soashe…]. I allow you to see this simply as a warning – an early end to the match only leads to drinking…

Boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say mayo – MAYO! No, not a song from the ‘Outhere Brothers’. This is in fact the state that Sunday Skipper has ended up in (first Donna for 12 years! Thank you Mrs Skipper for driving me!), after thumping Hurley today (we were Shane to their Liz – a right proper rooting ensued). Stats Hurley 30 overs for 86 runs, Goring 75 balls for 89 runs, Jonny Russell 24 balls for 59 runs, Chris Humphreys 22 balls bowled for 18 dots and a wicket… Hurley won the toss and elected to bat first (mistake), GCC promptly opened with Skipper and Kensa “not Joey” Barton, cue some runs due to…




3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ultras Skip on May 3, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Old hand! I don’t know whether to be offended or take it as a complement….. Next time I’m joining you for the kebab fezza!


  2. Posted by Offside Maestro on May 4, 2011 at 10:27 am

    By 1030pm on Sunday night, Skipper Ferry was claiming that Devon Malcolm was the greatest fast bowler ever. He also provided 20 minutes of batting advice describing how batsmen should look to stay within their “cube” when batting. By this time, he was well off his own “cube”.


  3. Posted by Sunday Skipper on May 7, 2011 at 9:21 am

    I stand by the cube comment, the position of the head over the hands is vital to maintaining control over your shots.

    I think my avaerage will confirm how well I’ve managed to do with this sound piece of knowledge!

    Oh and Devon Malcolm is the greatest fast bowler of all time, FACT (see it’s in capitals so it must be true!)


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