Match Report :: Ultras vs Cholsey “Cheetahs” (bless…)

Jonty Rhodes (I think)

Losing the toss as stand in skipper [Simon Butterfield] was a criminal mistake [?offence?] with the oppo [-sition] choosing to bat, putting the Ultras backs against the wall from the 1st ball. Cholsey got off to a bit of a flyer with some “powerful stroke play”. Cholsey cashed in on free hits off no balls. However, the Ultras kept their discipline and finally made a breakthrough. With some Jonty Rhodes like fielding from Steve “ The Cheese” P and others the ‘Ring managed to slow the scoring rate, eventually leading to Saturday Skipper Jonny Westcar grabbing a cheap wicket. Pete “Maestro” Slade’s pedigree eventually shone through taking a couple of cheap wickets at the end and Cholsey were eventually limited to 120 off their 20 overs.


Cue the drama!

Goring set off in steady fashion with Will “The Beast” Smith and Westcar scoring nicely. The light started to disappear and so did Goring’s batsmen with Westcar, Steve Haines and Andy Silver falling cheaply with the Beast soon following them. However, the belief was still there within the team and due to the magic produced by Maestro and Steve Wincott, and some ropey fielding from the oppo, the G’s needed 2 off the last ball to win. With the fielders struggling to see the ball in what can only be described as a “Dave Reeds Style Farce”, Slade and Wincott ran faster than Usain Bolt on a bye to the keeper, bearing in mind he had the ball at his feet. Top looning got the tie and the Ultras first game ended in a tie, a fair result.




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