League Match Report :: GCC v. Emmbrook and Bearwood – 7 May 2011

After four weeks of scorching April sunshine, the morning of Saturday 7th May dawned very wet and windy. Yes, the 2011 Berkshire Cricket League season had well and truly arrived. Fortunately we were afforded a few drying hours and the grudge match was back on.

Losing the toss, on what can only be described as the greenest of green tops, was hardly the start GCC were after. However, with The Beast and Winkers striding to the crease and the sun coming out, things looked promising. A pretty innocuous start saw ol’ jug ears delivering a tidy line and length from down the hill. Having the view of the sightscreen blocked by his enormous lugholes making it even more of a challenge. Cruising along nicely for one wicket down (Winkers had played once too often at a wide one and snicked a thin edge through to the keeper) the ‘ring were hit by a triple blow with Silver, Kent and Smith falling within the space of 7 balls to leave us tottering at 27-4. A moment of such crisis requires a colossus; a man who has seen it all before and is GCC through and through. Step up Jim Ross. With Bareback and Emmwood doing their best to give Jim the cricketing equivalent of nine lives, the two JRs set about rebuilding the innings with their trademark lusty blows through the V (Russell taking a nasty blow in the chops for his troubles). As Russell, then Slade and Vickery, departed, Ross did his best to martial the rabbits through to the end of the 45. Not an easy feat when the bunnies include the names of Mitchell and Ferry. Thanks to the ex-Presidents’ 70, GCC posted a respectable 144 and the fight was on.

With Vickster and Maestro delivering their usual combo of pace, precision and in the case of Sladey, some quite ridiculous seam movement, the Brokeback and Emmenthal batters were already looking, and indeed sounding, like they didn’t fancy it in the gathering South Oxfordshire gloom. The individual brilliance of Kent delivering a run out from nowhere set the ball rolling and several Slade inspired pieces of genius left Brokewood and Emmback at 27-4. The G’s were pumping. The innings then followed a very similar pattern to ours with safe pouches from The Ox, Duncs and Winkers keeping the outcome harder to predict than a Ferry gag. As the business end drew near the bowlers kept their nerve and discipline to take it to the last over. The run out of a 14-year old boy by Smith meant that 4 were needed off the last ball to win. They got a single, the winning draw was secured and GCC were off to a fighting and committed start. Crown Wood next. Bring it on….

Special thanks must go to Tim Mitchell and Tom Ferry for putting in a real shift when it was required.


[Whilst I am not a fan of repeats…I understand that this phrase was used on more than one occasion]


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jim Ross on May 9, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    It matters not how lively the pitch was; to defend a total of 144 in 47 overs to secure a winning draw is testament to the efforts of JV, Sladey, Tim Mitchell, Kenza and let’s not forget, especially given the conditions, a great display by Andy Silver. Loved that game gents.


  2. Posted by Ultras skip on May 9, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    Remember this for the season boys – 18 points secured after being 27-4.

    18 points a game puts us in the promotions shake up – Quis volo is Magis!!!!!!!!


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