25,000 and Counting! (plus Fixture Card download)

We surged through 25,000 hits yesterday – due mainly to our excellent match reports – but no doubt helped by Kate Middleton, Royal Wedding streakers and the odd super-injunction (Iam SO tempted to release one of the names on here, but wont…yet.).  So – thank you for your visits.

On the match reports point – you should see a lot more coverage in the local quality press, and the Goring Gap News, over coming season.  It’s all about column inches (fnar fnar) – and the battle is on between the League XI and The Ferrymen match reports for most press coverage.

We will also add the fixtures to this page – but in the meantime you can download the SUPERB new fixture card by clicking just … about …here GCC Fixture Card 2011.

Lots of fun stuff in the fixture card – including a rare photo taken inside the Upswinger office. Also, the 2010 season stats are listed too. For example, which GCC player was in the top 5 for the bowling AND batting averages?

Finally – make yourself available for cricket – contact toby@gardinersworld.co.uk for Saturday or Sunday this weekend.




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