“Ferry In Babylon”

Friday again – and looks like reasonably good weather for the weekend, especially Saturday. It’s going to be hot in The ‘Ring – in more ways than one. The 1st XI entertain Harlington CC at home from 1.30pm. You will see from the selection post that we have an incredibly strong side out which should bat down to number 15. Get down to the GCG if you can, to support the team.

Steve James plays his first league game for the club, and The OC returns from winter training Down Under. As it will be a hot day, take care of your “Manatomy” and buy some Fellaswipes (“Clean, Fresh, Confident” – and rumoured to be looking at an Ultras sponsorship deal…). Following the League XI game live on Twitter (@upswinger) is an important part of your day if you can’t get to the ground – so sign up or view the feed on your right here. “Eat The Menu” at Masooms will continue into the evening on Saturday for those fancying The Challenge. Three words. Will-Smith-Vindaloo…(assuming it hasn’t already gone).

Sunday sees local rivals Pangbourne CC in The ‘Ring against the Ferrymen – and is that THE C. Lewis I see in the team…? Let’s hope so.  Tom’s success as Skipper is shortly to be made into a film in the footsteps of this new release:



NEXT WEEKEND sees the first “RG8 T20” whereby two local teams play Goring Ultras in a round robin Twenty20 tournament. Two games for GCC so make yourselves available or come along anyway. Hopefully, the Ultras shirts will have arrived by then so we’ll all be in the pink. This years rivals are Cholsey & Compton – we expect a huge turnout from GCC and our guests and families – with all the trimmings on display – gazebos (2), castles, bacon sarnies, pimpmystumps etc. Whilst we know a little about Cholsey, Compton may be a new oppo for some of you – as such, here’s the BBC news footage  about them (including their new T20 kit). If you thought Cholsey was a dangerous place, think again…:



See you at the ground…





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