Match Report :: GCC Academy vs. Abingdon Vale – 22 May 2011

The IIX’s 2nd match of the season against Abingdon Vale saw them continue their unbeaten run, of 2. Despite losing the toss the boys secured a convincing win, 273 to 175.

The first pair O. Tong-Jones and C. Humphreys. Tong-Jones facing the first ball in really quite turbulent conditions got off with a nice single from the first delivery. Humphreys innings saw him build an impressive total, wonderful strokes for a 4, several 2’s and with great defensive play he saw no loss of wicket. It was during this period that Tong-Jones skied a ball, quite beautifully, on a near vertical trajectory, but one which was ultimately caught by the opposition, thereby booking his slot for boundary flag clearance. The phase ended with 16 added, solid start.

Next. On his 2nd appearance R. Hale, and R. Prince [nephew of GCC Legend Graham Nicholson, I believe?] looking all of his 10 years standing in for T. Castle (who inexplicably was at something called Rugby 7’s [apologies for the bad language] – btw, do we have a 4th’s?). Hale maintained his composure well after the unluckiest of wickets and with Prince played fantastically strong defensive play [can’t be Graham’s nephew can it?] , precisely what was needed.

Next, these boys can run, R. Brown and J. Hurrell. The only pair not to lose a wicket, left the scorer needing a new pencil and the score sheet like this:

Brown, 1 1 1 1, (a great and generous batting partner helping Hurrell with strike)

Hurrell, 4 1 4 1 1 4 2 4 1 1

with extra’s adding 30 to the total, Highest scoring partnership – simply awesome!

C. Edwards and A. McGee added 29, Edwards with a marvellous 4 plus singles, McGee with quite impressive batting. But the best bit and I’m now quoting from insight gained during the match debrief. “It was a rubbish ball (you already know where we’re going…and he’s the Captain too) and I was going to smack it for a 6, I ran down the wicket, something, something, something,,, and it hit the stumps”, the rubbish ball that is. Another slot booked with the boundary flags.

...simply marvellous....

Break for Tea, many thanks again to The Tea Teamsimply marvellous

With 273 to overhaul Abingdon came in.

Humphreys first to bowl and well up for it, claimed a wicket maiden to begin, not bad! After 3 very impressive overs he’d conceded only 4 runs, 1.33 per over!

McGee good too, conceded 2 runs per’. The net/net, no runs added at 200.

Edwards and Prince next. Edwards solid and impressive as ever, almost matching Humphreys with 1.5 per’ in his first 2 Overs, but slipping a little in his 3rd. Prince (what can you say) in his first bowling appearance claimed 2 wkts in 2 overs thanks to fine catches by Humphreys and Hurrell. Net runs -14 : 186!

Bowling partnership 3 saw Hale fantastically take 3 wkts during 2 Overs, 1 bowled and 2 catches, thanks to Prince and Hurrell. Brown not to be outdone, bowled a wicket in his first and finished a highly commendable 1.5 per Over!! Net runs -22 : 164.

Hurrell, perhaps worn out by the running and catching, never gave away more than a single. However, far more importantly he…awarded the match ball as Man of the Match!


Humphreys 15 (net runs) & 1 (wicket taken) & 1 maiden

Tong-Jones 0 & WK

Prince 2 & 2

Hale -7 & 3

Hurrell 24 & 0

Brown 4 & 1

McGee 19 & 0

Edwards 6 & 0


Derek McGee


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  1. You have to love Derek and the Academy. Superb work. But who will lose first? The Academy? The League Team? or the Ultras??


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