“Thank You for Coming Home”

It’s another big weekend – so big in fact that we’ve been given Monday off work to recover!!! Saturday sees Coach Westcar take an extremely strong first team to Checkendon for the big league encounter. Please go and support the team, you will not be disappointed. Last year when we played there it was one of the best games I’ve played in for Goring ever. It was a “must win” to stand any chance of staying up. Goring took the last nine ‘Don wickets fell for 12 runs I think. To remind you of the impact and events of the day, click here.  GCC wanted it more that day clearly. There’ll be a social element to the game too afterwards in Checkendon. See the selection post previously for details – also there you’ll find the teams for the whole weekend. You’ll see some Legends are coming back to play for Goring again. Not just Saturday but for RG8 T20 too on Sunday. This will be a great event, so bring yourselves and your family down to the GCG to play, watch and preferably help out too! Be nice to our local visiting teams, make them feel welcome – but make sure we win! It’s Ultras Sunday. Skipper Russell at the helm…and The Ultras shirts have arrived! Look here. An even better reason to go to the ground to collect yours ( and wear it whilst there, it’s all about the brand…).

Here’s a great pic of Mark Dickenson and Umpire Purnell from last week courtesy of the Henley Standard.

Check out those stumps (not the Umpire’s legs)


Lots of visits to the site in recent weeks, so thanks for coming back to look around! In the last few days we’ve been averaging more visits than a well-known extra long fridge life milk brand. I won’t say who they are in case you visit their site and up their numbers. Anyway, 200+ hits A DAY most days this week. Big thanks to the match report writers for their help too. If yo dont have time to look at EVERY post here’s a tag cloud that means you can read the entire site in just 30 seconds.

Editorial Comment: One day, we may bring back the 2nd XI. in order to know how possible that may be, please say for selection if you in theory could play on Saturday, irrespective of the standard/level of the league team and any expectations around selection. You never know, we may have a 22 availability day – and pick up a Goring “A” fixture? It’s just a thought and not necessarily the views of (all of) the committee. But if we at least track availabilities, we will know how often we could have put, or pushed to put, out two teams out on a Saturday. See what I mean? Not necessarily league cricket, perhaps just a few extra Saturday limited over games locally sought. Goring “A”. Hmmm. I’m thinking Fuggles, Williams, Caulfield, Normans, plus many more. We could even pick up non-selected players from other local league teams like Woodcote, Stoke Row and Checkendon if we needed to make up numbers. But we’d still be Goring, but Goring “A”.

Back to this Saturday. We have perhaps a major “first” for the Berkshire League – a Tweet Up. For one day only, follow Checkendon so you will be able to “watch” the game on Twitter @upswinger vs. @CheckendonCC to give you a perhaps more balanced match day live update feed! We’ll post the War of Words as a match report. GCC Tweeters – mount up…Alternatively, get the the game itself. We are unbeaten. And remember, it’s not about who wants it….it’s about Who Wants It More. Remember this too?

Lastly, I found this. It’s Priceless. But caution – this video contains disturbing scenes from the outset. This is Kenza Barton. This, in every sense of the word, is Gold.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ben F on May 27, 2011 at 9:07 am

    You rang?!

    Realistically, playing on a Saturday is extremely unlikely for the next few years. Will try to squeeze the odd game in whenever possible, but it’s most likely to be midweek (roll on next week!).

    Bring on the shirts!


  2. Dam straight its Gold, its movie genius!! glad to see its hit the big time of upswinger (hello extra 100 youtube hits).


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