Match Report :: GCC Academy vs. Oxford CC – Sunday 1st June

The Goring 8’s continued their successful run on Sunday against the visitors Oxford CC, winning comfortably, 291 to 186. Although we should thank OCC for going ahead with a depleted side due to other U13 commitments which undoubtedly helped the GCC score.

Despite some casual and slap dash fielding along the way which conceded too many easy runs to the opposition, probably due to the half term break, there was some impressive bowling from Hurrell and Prince, both of whom took 3 wickets each. (This may get a mention in the Oxford Mail this Saturday). Hurrell also the most efficient at 2.33. McGee, Edwards and Brown all claimed wickets, Brown with no extras! Fielding highlights of the day to Hale for a fantastic stop, just pipped by Hurrell’s backward running, high jumping, crashing to the ground two or was it one handed catch!!

Another simply marvellous tea, then back into battle.

A new opening partnership for the day of Hale and Tong-Jones saw the Goring score climb fast, finishing with a gain of 34, plus extras Tong-Jones with 25 including 6 x 4’s (may also get a mention in the Oxford Mail). Hale on 9 which included 5 from one ball, may have actually been 6! Net result 38 added. No loss of wicket!

Next Prince and Steele. Sterling partnership added 9, although Prince quite unfortunate due to the very generous (but well intentioned) decision of the umpire to give him out on a very accurate daisy cutter – quickly answered with a fine 4. Jamie Steele on his first appearance for GCC followed the golden rule perfectly – don’t concede a wicket (-8 runs). With some fine defensive play and partnering he also got off the mark with his first run, very well done and thank you for turning out for the Club.

Hurrell and Brown next. Brown almost making double figures with his second 4 of the season and most importantly, no loss! Hurrell scored a creditable 26, however, having lost a wicket saw it reduced to 18, thereby losing highest score of the day. A very strong partnership though, adding 23.

Edwards and McGee added 22, scoring off of 15 balls from 4 overs, only one was a 4. That’s 18 x 22yds, just about 400yds each – work off that tea!

Man of the Match and match ball awarded for a no loss of wicket partnership and highest single score including his 6 x 4’s went to Owyn Tong-Jones.

Next Sunday away to Brightwell-cum-Sotwell. Could be the strongest opposition this year!



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