Match Report :: Ultras v Chargers (“Friendly”)

It is just too painful to write this report. A previously unbeaten Ultras travelled to a Checkendon full of confidence which sadly proved unfounded.

Once again Goring were batting first and despite batting down to number 10, only Wincott, Dave Roberts and Lewis reached double figures. Both providing important support as for the second week running Tinky held together the Ultras innings. Steve went a few runs further this week and achieved 50 off 48 balls. Ultras finished on 113-7 off their 20 overs – which was a few short of the minimum target of 120.

Checkendon have a number of players who play T20 style whatever the match so the Ultras were always going to have to defend the rope strongly. Unfortunately, some of the shots were too big to be defendable as Alex Crawford in particular received some brutal punishment, going for 16 off 3 balls at one stage. An excellent spell from Butterfield kept the Ultras in touch, but sadly skipper Russell then let the team down by going for 17 off one over.

Saturday skipper Jonny Westcar gave the Ultras a chance with a good couple of overs at the death at looked to have bowled an outstanding final over as he restricted the Chargers to 3 off the first 5 balls. The excitement grew and the tension mounted as all the Ultras huddled around the bat looking to deny Checkendon the single that would give them victory and destroy the Ultras unbeaten record. Westcar strode purposefully up to the wicket and delivered a sensational………..beamer… ball… over….unbeaten record gone.

This defeat will make us stronger. We now know what it feels like to lose in our pink shirts and I never want to feel that again. Nothing less than being unbeaten for the rest of the season is now acceptable and if we do that we will come out of the inaugural first Ultras season with two trophies in the cabinet.


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