GCC Academy ‘v’ Horspath CC: Match Report

Sunday morning saw the first loss for the team against Horspath, 233 to GCC’s 193. Unfortunately several of the regulars were missing. However, this did give the chance for some first timers to win a cap for the GCC.

Captain Robert Brown won the toss and leading from the front elected to bat.

The opening pair of Ray Prince (Nephew of GCC Legend Graham Nicholson) and Emile Tetzner-Harris minded their wicket and finished a highly creditable above par at 205 and no loss of wicket.

Next in, Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft and Haydn Whitehouse-Lloyd both exhibited a strong appetite for runs and boundaries, although perhaps underestimating just how far 22 yds can be by collecting a couple of run-outs. Nevertheless, a very promising performance indeed.

Rowan Prince (younger brother of Ray – with GCC pedigree…!) and Spencer (lent to us by the opposition) both batted and battled, Spencer fatefully facing his older brother who gave no quarter and showed every intention of clean bowling him – which he did.

Last up Robert Brown paired with Vice Captain Ryland Hale, both saw their hard work rewarded with the addition of 18 runs. Brown scoring 12, his highest of the season including 2 x boundaries, and neither losing a wicket against some very strong bowling.

After Tea the opportunity arrived to put into practise the weeks of Coaching by Ronnie and his team – and it’s paid off. GCC took 6 wickets matching Horspath’s collection, and gave 25 extras only 5 more than the opposition.

Of note, Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft opened his and the teams bowling with a Maiden (that’s his first over for GCC) against a good batsman. In total his 3 overs conceded only 2 runs and claimed a wicket – outstanding!

Ray Prince finished his 3 overs 11 for 2, one of which “caught & bowled” – excellent!

Haydn Whitehouse-Lloyd also took a wicket, conceding only 11 runs.

Rowan Prince, aged 8, took 2 wickets (should/could have been 3, but the Umpire spotted the no ball, um) for 18 runs.

Both Hale and Tetzner-Harris had an up hill battle trying to contain G. Michael (Could it be the real G Michaels!!) on form delivering a high scoring 24.

In summary the boys played very well, absolutely in the spirit of the game and clearly demonstrating good team spirit and a desire to win, which will serve them well in their future matches for GCC without a doubt. The bowling was genuinely impressive. In the final analysis Horspath deserved the win, however we probably gave away 20 runs, but I’m sure this will be a learning experience for the boys

Man of the Match was stand in Captain and WK Robert Brown, demonstrating good leadership, placing the field and quick thinking skills, having to decide the bowling order during play based on how well each bowler bowled. Brown also awarded a 2ndMan of the Match to Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft for his 2-1 bowling performance.

Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft - Destructive Bowling


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