“Playing the Back Nine”


Without doubt, the 3rd biggest golfing event in the GCC Golf Calendar has to be The GCC Open held every year at The Springs Golf Course in South Stoke. The 2nd running of this event will take place this year on the afternoon of 5th August 2011.

As with last year, we will also have the Longest Drive and Nearest The Pin holes too – and you are encouraged to wear your fanciest, yet still “course-friendly” golfing trousers. Last year’s winner being Jim Ross (pictured).

Surprisingly, last years Open was won by Michael “Mike” “Mick” Eddie” “Rearwards” “Studs” “Studwards” Edwards. Unfortunately, one time GCC Honorary Auditor and no doubt Treasurer-Wannabe, Jonny Russell, had not been given control over the scoring system which clearly allowed Studs to fudge the numbers somewhat in his favour. When asked how big his handicap was he said “Splodge? About 5 foot two, mate. Ag, ag…” – his handicap for the tournament then being recorded as 52.

US Open Winner, Rory McIlroy


Another 2011 surprise sensation (and “Best Shorts” winner) last year was Simon Butterfield who shot a great round but just missed out on a place on the winner’s podium. “I’ve been hitting the woods great”, claimed Butterfield, “It’s just the hitting out of them that caused me problems”, going on to say, “I had a few bad lies too – specifically on the 15th when I claimed a 6 when it was actually a 9”.

So, this years’ title is wide open – if there are any budding Rory McIlroy’s out there wanting to play, or if you just want more information you should contact Duncan Kent (Duncan_Kent@sra.com) directly. Numbers are creeping up fast – don’t miss out!!



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