Which GCC Player currently tops the League averages?

With the league season just past the half way point, we are pleased to announce that one of our members is currently topping the league averages. In a mixed season to date, it’s a great achievement to top the list – especially as it is his first season. Becoming any clearer?? Importantly, it’s NOT his first season with the Club – but his first in this role. At the end of each league game, both teams provide scores on a number of areas including teas, ground, track, sportsmanship, website – and of course, umpire.

Steve Purnell won an Apprentice-style scholarship, following a year scoring for the First XI, and went on an Umpire’s training course, ultimately qualifying and hence becoming the most regular member of our starting XII. Despite supporting Chelsea, he still clearly understands and promotes “fair play” in the sporting arena.

Cheese CC

In the first half of the league season, Steve has topped the averages of all Division 1 umpires and is an absolute credit to the Club. Finding people willing to take on this role is hard enough – but having someone who wants to do it and is of course respected both within GCC, but also scored so highly by our opposition is something we, but most importantly Steve should be proud of. Our membership survey pointed to the importance of an umpire for league fixtures and the committee had already plans in place for a while to support Steve in getting accreditation and placing him in this key role.

Here’s the communication to Jonny Westcar from Sam Peates, Secretary of the Berkshire Cricket League:

Hi Jonny

I have been doing a survey of umpires’ marks in the first half of the season and I am pleased to inform you that Steve Purnell’s average is 22.86 per match out of 25. This seems to me to be remarkable for a newly qualified umpire so please pass on congratulations from the BCL commmittee.

Kind regards


BCL Secretary.

Top work Steve!!

Note: The email doesn’t ACTUALLY say he tops the averages, but I can’t believe anyone would have a higher score. And since when did journalism have to be truthful and above board?

(Could someone print this out so he gets to see it?)


2 responses to this post.

  1. STOP PRESS: Ladbrokes are no longer taking bets on 2011 GCC Clubman of The Year. Excellent work The Cheese!!


  2. Well deserved, Steve! I can only dream of an average of 22.86.


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