Lager Drinkers Need Not Apply

"Rock Me A Mateus"

As Undisputed Cultural Kings of the Berkshire Cricket League, it is perhaps not a surprise that GCC will be hosting a Wine Tasting event. It is by no accident that the Club has had strong links with the wine trade, and we are fortunate enough to have Len Sexon host the event at the GCG Pavilion.

Having never been to a wine tasting event, I for one could not tell the difference between a Claret and a Bourdeaux. Len however, through his part-time Saturday job at Threshers* (I think), clearly knows that a Rosé is neither Jim’s surname in French – or merely a red wine/white wine shandy.

The Wine Tasting will take place after the home game against our favourite opposition – not the Swedish Girls First XI Touring Massage Team – but the mighty Checkendon CC (Twitter @CheckendonCC) on the 30th July – at around 8pm for an hour or two. Nine wines will be available for tasting and we will have a few snacks there too. The event will sort of be free – but you will be asked to make a suitable donation – a bit like the Easter Egg Hunt, but with grown ups and booze.

Lenny and Jonny Westcar are organising the event and have kindly promised “tablecloths, muzak and perhaps even bog roll in the ladies for the +1’s … (or number twos?)”. What greater draw can there be?

There will also be a “Guess the Wine” competition with a Surprise Prize! (some wine?).

All players and friends / associates of the club are welcome – not just if you are playing that game. We will need some ideas of numbers so please RSVP to Jonny via ( ) before the 30th – or add a comment below if you are coming – or accept via the Facebook page if you are a youngster.

10 Very Important People we haven’t seen for a while that we want to see there:

  • David Illingworth, Esq.
  • Tim Mitchell, MBE
  • Andy Markham, MCC
  • Lord Brian of Caulfield
  • The Right Honorable Paul Clarke(son)
  • J. Giles Band Derrett QC (no excuses)
  • A Tony Hedge (Is he President this year?)
  • Sir Mark Hooson 1st
  • Commander of The Fleet, Graham Lunt
  • HMP Studs


* – Actually, that is not true, Mr Sexon is in fact CEO of “Lenthwaites” or “Wines4U” or whatever they are called this week.


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