League Match Report :: GCC vs. Hayes ‘n’ Harlington – 23rd July 2011

Charge of The Right Brigade

RAF Harlington

Within the open acreage of the Queen’s Park Rangers’ training ground, which resembled a second world war airfield on a late October day, Squadron Leader Westcar started the dogfight sniffing out victory at the toss and put Hayes & Harlington in to bat.

Barton, Deeks and Vickery – GCC’s great triumvirate of pace – controlled the opening salvo on a lifeless track. Barton’s early breakthrough via an athleticism from Smith (not seen from a Smith since his brother ran a quick single at Knowl Hill) caused optimistic rumblings within the GCC squad of early tiffin in the mess. However, the opening wicket brought about the arrival of the oppo Ace. He effortlessly glided the ball around the ground taking particular liking to Matt Hodges who suffered some serious flak. Westcar rallied, keeping formation, and using his bowlers well picked off batsmen regularly, keeping the Ace idle. Lenny Sexon appearing out of the sun to break the backbone of the innings claiming three wickets. Goring leaving the field for Aunt Sally having dismissed H & H for 192, so 193 needed in 48 overs.

After the early loss of Carrier; Smith and Wincott obdurately occupied the crease seeing off the not insignificant opening attack. They were followed by Deeks and Ross who changed the tempo. Deeks piercing the defences with efficacious regularity on his way past 50. GCC players reclining on their deckchairs started to feel it would be an easy day, 50 needed off a dozen overs with 7 wickets remaining, but the call came through after the loss of Ross and scramble they did. Wickets fell from the sky, a desperate rush for equipment, a wash of Mae Wests as GCC lost their stronghold losing 4 wickets in not many more balls. Vickery and Sexon reinstated calm and runs towards a tight conclusion.

Then, with 3 overs remaining and 15 needed, delusions of Dhoni as if to challenge the very words of Kipling, the H & H captain and wicketkeeper, with overs available to his best bowlers, decided he was the man to finish the game and handed the gloves and pads to his adjutant with the arrogant air of Lord Cardigan. A triumph it wasn’t, disaster it was with wides and byes ensuing. Sexon hitting the winning runs through point with an over to spare and staking his claim for a well deserved King Cobra award.

Pictures HERE



3 responses to this post.

  1. I see only 10 players mentioned – did we only go with 10?? Anyone get a run out at all??


  2. Posted by Offside Maestro on July 26, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    I think Andy Ank and Jim had a run out in Jim’s car on Saturday afternoon but I don’t recall seeing him on the field.


  3. Posted by Dougsta on July 26, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    I can’t believe the pink box is still alive and kicking.


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