Search Terms!! Special Investigation

George W Bush (Former US President), Ryan Giggs (Sports Personality of The Year), Qatar (World Cup hosts 2022), One True Voice (Pop Idol – “The Rivals”) and Tom Ferry (GCC Sunday Skipper). All examples of suspicious voting patterns and irregularities.

With the incredible interest of our readership on this topic, and in the absence of any GCC cricket stats to look at, Upswinger has unearthed a curious theme of “search term rigging” by someone within the Club. The list below is completely factual and has been audited by Jonny Russell, so there. It shows only those linked/relevant terms in this inquiry, used in “Ask Jeeves” or any other famous search engines that have been entered and clicked on to arrive at this web site. The number after the term is the total number of times it has been used. Upswinger is reasonably sure it is aware of who is responsible for the rigging, but is not yet in a position to release the name publically, although it is on Twitter probably:

  1. upswinger goring wincott genius 14
  2. stephen wincott topless photos 13*
  3. steve wincott 7
  4. stephen wincott 4
  5. winkers nightclub 4*
  6. stephen wincott cricket genius 3
  7. upswinger goring genius wincott 2
  8. michael wincott news 2
  9. stephen wincott reckitt 2
  10. stephen wincott winkers 2
  11. steve wincott gcc 1
  12. steven wincott falmouth photo 1*
  13. uspwinger goring wincott genius 1
  14. winkers nightclub twitter 1
  15. winkers nightclub directions 1
  16. winkers is the royal wedding streaker 1*

 (* – “What goes in Falmouth, stays in Falmouth”)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Oddnos on August 3, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    Looking forward to the next episode of STSI:Goring


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