The GCC “Eat The Menu” Challenge at Masooms continues, whilst I personally was man enough to tackle not only the Plain Rice – but the Chicken Tikka Massala too, some of you have yet to Man-Up in a similar way…But others have without doubt been doing their “bit”. Stephen Wincott is still on his one man mission to polish off the Dessert menu, and Carly Bidwell very kindly took on the Ferrero Rocher and the After Eight. Jonny Russell, it seems, would like to extend the challenge to the Tamarind Tree having worked his way through all the fruit and fish based “medium-mains” and Banquet Specials.


"Korma Chameleon" - Will Smith

But there is one dish that remains untouched to date. The Daddy of them all. The Vindaloo. Will (“Won’t”?) Smith – can you hear me? Was that just all talk in April? I guess it must have been….

Many of our readers have asked Upswinger to re-do the Bloke Test, in fact. Is GCCs Number One Bloke turning into a bit of a Pilau Biter? Or a Chapatti Boy? Will apparently spends his Saturday nights now at Pizza Express or Jamie’s Italian with a Quattro Fromaggio, a side of rocket salad and a glass of Pinot, having nipped off early after the game for a family meals. Mark “I’ll do it!” Dickinson – disappeared too. Brian “Easy” Caulfield – not a sign. So, we need someone else. Please sign up below in the comments. We are so near to completing the Challenge – and have little more than a month to go.

Do your bit GCC – Stay Calm and Curry On…


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