How ‘Bout That?

1. Jim Ross scores 116 in league against unbeaten league leaders South East Reading. (remember the GCC challenge “oldest player top scores with the bat”?). GCC go on to finish 2nd in that game.


2. He then “celebrates” with a vindaloo (check that one off the menu…) in Masoom’s only to later tweet:

@TherealJimross  worst part of vindaloo was unplanned visit to Savacentre gents on Sunday.
…showing his age as it hasn’t been called Savacentre for 20 years.

Via sponsorship, Masoom's gives you the shirts (Lost Consonant anyone)?

3. He THEN steps up and finally puts the club shirt into a frame for Masoom’s – AFTER ONLY TWO WEEKS (of the football season…).
4. And finally, anyone see this last week on Channel 4? Unbelievable…

"...and finally...a consonant please Rachel."


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