Match Report :: Russellmen vs. Moreton – 14th August 2011

With Sunday skipper Ferry marooned in Greece, Ultra’s skipper Jonny Russell took the reigns for the notoriously tough Sunday fixture against Moreton. After a couple of late pull-outs the fixture looked to be even tougher than usual.

Carrying on the 4 in a row streak of Saturday skipper Westcar, Russell showed that Jonny’s are lucky tossers by winning and taking the decision to bat first. Out to the crease strode Sir Stephen Wincott on his search for 1000 runs, accompanied by world traveller Ed Everitt. A positive start from the opening pair was halted as Ed went at the hands of Goring’s very own indoor league opener, Kaz “thoroughly nice chap” Miles.

The saga of the eternal search for Tinky Winky’s 1000th run then went into overdrive as he seemed to be intimidated by the pressure of seeing 997 runs on the scoreboard, proceeding to struggle through 18 dot balls before holing out inexplicably to point. Another weekend, another disappointment. Could what was looking like a 1,500 run season see the biggest GCC choke of all time?

Skipper Russell joined Ollie Carrier at the crease and Russell showed his rediscovered form to fire 33 in no time at all, before falling foul of taking advice from the OC and “calming down”, which immediately led to a tame dismissal. Carrier was looking good himself before getting over excited and being stumped for 32. Matty Norman added a few useful runs, before the Alex’s put together a crucial partnership, with young Alex McGee complementing the older Crawford very nicely. As tea approached Crawford gave the innings some extra impetus with some sumptuous drives before falling as last man for 51. Goring finishing on a very credible 184.

Now Moreton have a few quality batsmen in their line-up, so a big bowling performance was always going to be required and Alex Crawford once again turned up and delivered with some beautiful fast swinging deliveries to rip apart their top order. Your skipper played his part in this with a couple of takes behind the stumps, including one stunning diving catch which surprised everyone present. The OC then stepped up to the plate to take a wicket with his first ball of his first and second overs, before Crawford claimed his 5 for with a wicket of Stoke Row’s Premier League batsmen, Ashton. The finisher, McGee was then brought on, dismissing their Skipper Kaz with an unplayable delivery and taking the glory of the final wicket as GCC knocked Moreton over for 106.

So, an excellent effort all round saw a comprehensive 80-run victory for 9-men Goring, with King Cobra going to Alex Crawford for his very impressive and rare 5 wicket haul and 50 runs [Note: that was a Club Challenge a few years ago too!].



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