IDC 2011 – Week One

InDoor Cricket League – Gameweek 1 Review

Last year’s indoor league ended in disaster as Goring finished bottom of the bottom division. Surely Captain Russell was for the chop, but fortunately an administrative error gave him a stay of execution. However, the vultures were circling and the results of gameweek 1 could be pivotal:

Match 1 – Goring won by 5 wickets

Theale & Tilehurst – 104ao (11.5 overs)

Goring – 105-1 (9.0 overs)

A slightly sloppy start in the field and with the bowl allowed T&T to make a promising start and at 85-2 off 7 overs, it was looking like a formidable target to chase. However, some superbly accurate bowling by Lenny Sexon and sheer pace from Alex Crawford dessimated the lower order with tight support from the fielders resulting in a very gettable 105 to win. What was a very gettable score became a walk in the park when the under pressure skipper blasted 25 in 5 balls (6-6-1-6-6) in the 2nd over with some brutal hitting. The rest of the line-up batted sensibly with Stefan, Alex and Lenny all contributing double figures as the G-ring strolled to victory.

Match 2 – Goring won by 6 wickets

IBIS – 46ao (8.0 overs)

Goring – 47-0 (6.0 overs)

Was this IBIS colts or womens team you ask? Well no, it was made up of players from their full-strength BCL Premier League XI. Quite simply put, we pulverised them and taught them a lesson they may never recover from. Kaz, Kenza, Alex and Lenny bowled awesomely and were well supported by Stefan in the field and Russell behind the stumps. They had no answer. To rub salt in the wound even further, the skipper reversed the batting order and Kaz and Kenza knocked off the runs with the minimal of fuss – proving that we had a team of 6 batsmen.

Quickfire awards

Devastating debut of the season – Lenny Sexon

This man is so adaptable. Bowling perfect line and length Lenny turned the screw and picked up wickets, climaxing in a wicket maiden in the second game. He also adapted his outdoor game to prosper inside with an elegant unbeaten 17.

Blitzkreig – Jonny Russell

Hard to improve on that 5 ball 25 – apart from turning the middle single in to a 6.

Bully of the night

Crawford clinched an unheard of double wicket maiden by clean bowling a girl, at full pace. I think she was a pro though (took claret earlier and came back).

Butterfingers – Jonny Russell / Kenza Barton

Joint award with Russell struggling hugely behind the stumps in the first game, only to pull off a world class catch off Lenny (the only thing I held all game). Kenza dropped a sitter, but it proved to be the turning point in the match as we all refocused and that was the last error made.

Russell’s round-up

This was an absolutely incredible first evening of the season. I am immensely proud to captain the six guys who performed with such commitment, joy and devastation. Losing one wicket in an evening is completely unheard of for anyone in the league. It’s too early to make predictions, but the league better watch out – Goring are top of the league and will not let go of it lightly!!

Next Match

SUNDAY 23rd October – With the skipper sunning himself in Stranraer, his vice and predecessor Alex Crawford, will be taking charge fully focussed on keeping the winning run going.

Jonathan Russell


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