“Wot time does Londis close in Goring and Streatley?”

For all those that had been asking, I am pleased to provide just a snapshot of the search terms used over the last three months that have subsequently delivered Upswinger as a link that was then clicked upon. Here are some of the best, the numbers in brackets represent the number of times the link was clicked. Feel free to own up as to which ones were you:

coach (116)

stephen wincott cricket (7)

portable gazebo tents (3)

crown wood paint (2)

kenza pangbourne (2)

winkers night club (2)

grange hill characters original cast (2)

messiah jockstrap (2)

gcc assault and battery (2)

londis goring-on-thames (2)

ships and fallen containers (1)

cheryl cole naked free download (1)

photos of crashed range rovers (1)

tea ladies on tour 2011 (1)

dot cottons maiden name (1)

A-Team car goring on thames (1)

gardiner/ maine/ swinger/ f***/ blog (1)

test monkey (1)

west ham christmas jumper parade (1)

wot time does londis close in goring and streatley (1)

http://www.normanstrains.com (1)

pics of cheryl cole nude which i can see now for free (1) (this one was me)

city of bones illusion (1)

“king cobra” donn vickrey (1)

don’t fear the cheese, upswinger (1)

“fuggles” “snooker” (1)

steve wincott, retired bank ceo (1)


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