2012 and all that….

April is a wonderful month – Cricket is back!

To celebrate the momentous passing of time there is only one thing to do – and that is to have a curtain-raising curry at Masooms on Saturday night.

Not only does this give a chance for us to catch up after the dark and cold winter, it also provides the opportunity for you to bend the ear of your captains for 2012 and let them know that you have always wanted to be an opening batsmen or a left-arm chinaman.

And…..it is the evening when we will andmust FINISH THE MENU . We are very close, but one last push is needed to finish off those final fish and vegetarian dishes that no-one has yet been brave enough to try. We set ourselves the challenge to eat the menu and we are drinking in the last chance saloon with the league season (and failure of the challenge) just 2 weeks away.

THE PLAN – We will go to Masooms at 8.30. However, there is sure to be a gathering beforehand, so I suggest we meet at the Soash from 7pm onwards.

So that I can give Mas an indication of numbers for the table, please can you let me know if you expect to come along.

The 2012 season promises to be very exciting. With your Saturday and T20 captain’s very excited about the opportunity we have to make a real impact in our leagues this season. So let’s kick the season off with a memorable curry.

See you on Saturday!

Jonny R

Gonna need a bigger shirt!


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