A Double Double Header for your Double Double Pleasure!

You can learn little from victory. You can learn everything from defeat.

Saturday 9th June 2012

Goring CC travelled to IBIS Mapledurham on a suspected ‘dry’ and ‘warm’ day. The toss was won by our skipper, Kenza Barton (KB), who sent the team into a windy outfield for a bowl. Jamie Vickery (JV) opened the bowling attack with KB, creating a slow but positive start too their spells; with KB picking out their aggressive opener with a Luke Gray (LG) outfield catch at mid-off. Runs were picked up on a slow outfield, with a couple of threes, until the first bowling change was approached around the 12th over. Don Norman (DN) stepped up to the challenge with a variation of inswinging and outswinging deliveries; taking an early wicket maiden in his second over with JV taking a spectacular one handed catch, dismissing the opposition’s captain. Matt Hodges (MH) was the next move by the skipper, taking a shorter distance in his traditional delivery run-up…spin!? Tea arrived with IBIS settling on 71 for 2 off 24 overs.

MH happened to be the right move, bowling out the final opening batsmen who looked like he was just getting settled into his stride. DN and MH provided a pivotal bowling attack for Goring CC, keeping the run rate well below par; and taking another two wickets to finish off their respected figures spells of 11 overs; DN, taking 2 wickets for 26 and MH, 2 wickets for 38. JV and KB came back on, with MH getting a run out from extra cover, displaying our organised fielding attributes of the day! Later, both bowlers finished off their innings with JV dismissing batsmen 8, 9 and 10 for a mere 5 runs; finishing his 11 overs taking 3 wickets for 34 runs. The first innings ended with KB cleverly catching out their strongest batsmen with a composed long off catch by MH. The first innings closed at 145 all out on 43.1 overs. This showed Goring CC’s class in the field once again, continuing their strong performance from their previous week.

Tea was taken with a couple of questions on the disappointing lack of sweets by Steve Wincott (SW). But this was soon forgotten, and a repeat of last week’s action was hoped for even though the match winners were missing! A solid start to the second innings was achieved once again by Andy Silver (AS) and with his opening partner, Will Smith (WS). Regrettably the first wicket fell in the 7th over, WS dismissed for an LBW. This provided an acceleration of the runs with AS picking out the boundaries with a couple of pull shots. This was later curbed with their first change bowler dismissing SW for a LBW. And yet this provided another couple of wickets, with AS falling for a respectable 35 runs (a repeat from last week) just before the drinks break. Drinks was taken, the Goring CC skip revealing that the next 6 batsmen will only need to score 10 runs each, with Goring CC sitting on 74 for 4 off 24 overs. This provided some confidence for the middle order batsmen, with Luke Gray (LG) scoring 16 and JV adding 24 runs to the scorecard. Although Goring CC were sitting on 105 for 6 on the 34 over; Goring CC fell 31 runs short, all out for 115 in the 40th over. Goring CC couldn’t fulfil a repeat of last week with their batting heroics. A lack of team confidence might have been the issue with the bat, a few tweaks here and there can provide a stronger team for the future of Goring CC’s quest for promotion; ‘Talent will overcome hard work but when the talented work hard, they can overcome anything’ – Grant Ormerod (2002).

Our next Goring CC game is Home vs. Shinfield, 16th June 2012 – 1:30pm start

Sunday 10th June 2012

After a welcome spell of good sunshine on the league day, Sunday was predicted to be a wet day. With rain projected with times changing from 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, it was uncertain that a full game of cricket was going to be played. Goring Sunday travelled to Whitchurch-on-Thames with the skipper Don Norman (DN), playing at their ground for the first time; and was surprised to learn that Lashings World XI CC was playing at their ‘small’ ground in a week and a half time (Friday, 22nd June, if anyone is interested). DN made up the final 11 on the way to the ground, providing the team with seven past and present Southern Hemisphere players, probably a first for Goring Sunday. DN lost the toss once again, and was put into the field…once again. The format of the game was chosen as a 35 limited over game.

DN and Tom Ferry (TF) provided the opening bowling attack, with runs ticking easily on the short boundary. TF finished a seven spell…yes seven, with figures of 1 wicket for 25, dismissing their opening batsmen for 26. Runs started piling after the drinks break with Whitchurch CC sitting on 93 for 1 off 18 overs. Their number 1 and 3 created a strong partnership, but Alex Crawford (AC) bowled boldly and dismissed their number 1 for 49 with a catch at mid-off by the skip. The bowling attack was hammered with boundaries flowing freely, with the skip trying to vary the attack with multiple bowling changes of young Tom Castle (TC), Lenny Sexon (LS), Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft (AGF), Josh Stephens (JS), and Josh Dippenaar (JD). The first innings ended with a tough total to chase at 239 for 2, with the pick of the bowlers being TF, bowling a mind-blowing opening spell, and the young debutant, AGF, showing his talented accuracy in his bowling.

Teas were delightfully consumed, ranging from two different chicken choices, pizza, and chocolate brownies. Goring Sunday knew 239 was going to be a tough call to chase, with the rain threatening just around the corner. LS and Will Brownlee (WB) opened the batting, but Goring started very slowly with an early 2nd over run out before fumbling to a mere 12 for 3 in the 6th over. This encouraged JD to come in to bat at an early stage of the innings. JD struggled to get off the mark with the ball bouncing very low; but eventually got off the mark with a pleasant mid-on drive for six, but he still couldn’t get to grips with the soft pitch, later being dismissed for 20 with an untimely mid-on drive attempt for 6 again. There followed another slump with Goring falling at 45 for 6 in the 14th over. DN walked into the crease to meet up with young AGF. Light rain started to build up in the air, but the regularity of change in the opposing bowling attack provided some comfortable shots placed by DN and AGF, providing a 44 run 7th wicket partnership with DN scoring a neat 32 runs. The partnership was soon broken by the opposing captain bowling AGF with his first ball in the 25th over. AC walked to the crease looking too relaxed in the situation. He was drawn short, with DN falling in the 28th over. As you may have noticed, Goring Sunday wanted to achieve some sort of landmark; well Steve Wincott (SW) and AC were up for it! SW walking into the square at no.10 provided a quick 9th wicket partnership of 50 but unfortunately fate wasn’t on our side with SW bowled for 20 runs in the 34th over. Although, a landmark was achieved at the end of the innings with TF gaining a successive 0* in a row. AC just missed out on his first 50 for Goring this season, scoring a solid 47*; Goring Sunday falling short by 81 runs, ending on 159 for 9.

The game was a huge test; but playing four debutants for Goring Sunday was clearly an inspiration to the team, with great new characters in the field, challenging a strong Whitchurch CC that clearly had the experience and expertise on their home ground. The game was played in good spirit. But Goring needs to readapt their hopes for bigger aspirations for the club by running through next week’s opposition, to be the first past the finish line with another win.

Our next Goring Sunday game is Home vs. Prestcold CC, 17th June 2012 – 2pm start

Donovan Norman, Goring Sunday Captain

11th May 2012


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