GCC Academy Fall Agonisingly Short.


The GCC IIX’s played well Sunday morning, almost getting there in the final over but nevertheless bringing their team to a creditable score.


Nice performances by Jonny Hurrell (Capt) clean bowling on 2nd ball of the match and with an amazing final charge along with Ray Prince.  Ray also claiming a wicket thanks to impressive fielding and catch by Ed Bronimann.  Ed similarly claiming his wicket thanks to Jamie May’s solid catch.  Bowling performance of the day to Max McGee’s leg spin, uphill today, clean bowled for his two wickets.  Toby Skilling’s first appearance for GCC rewarded with very strong bowling which included a wicket maiden.  Haydn Whitehouse-Lloyd turned in another solid performance for what is only his 2nd wicket keeping turn.  Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft having a quiet one, perhaps saving it for his first appearance for the GCC Sunday XI this afternoon.


The batting got off to slow perhaps nervous start with the first two pairs losing 4 wickets and a modest run count bringing the total to 180.  The Pace began to pick up with Ed collecting four quick running singles, Max with a nicely timed 4 and two singles, with extras the score stood at 192 and 45 needed for a win from four overs.  Jonny and Ray went for it, just missing out by only 4 amassing an impressive 41 runs, over 10 per over.  Final score GCC 233, C&CCC 236.  For outstanding batting including several 4’s, Man of the Match ball awarded by the team to Jonny.


Thank you for all your support and Donovan and Dominic for for umpiring.  Look forward to seeing everyone at the nets on Tuesday.




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