School of Hard Knocks

GCC Academy ‘v’ Goring Primary School

GCC & GPS Captain’s Max McGee and Rowena Hearn strode out for the toss, GCC won putting GPS into bat.


GCC bowling got off to a very solid start limiting the fist pairing of R. Warmington & L. Horne to 196, claiming a couple of nice wickets on the way.  Next in were S. Alexander & B. Spencer for GPS playing a nice defensive game, they didn’t lose a wicket, but surely the unluckiest moment of the game came for Will Moss of GCC seeing his nicely delivered ball clip the offside stump sending the bail straight up into the air and then unfortunately straight back down again onto the stumps – “not out”.  At half way the GPS score stood at a respectable 212.  The next pair, keen as mustard G. Thorne & J. Warmington took the game to GCC, Thorne adding 2 x 4’s but with wickets lost, the score was brought back to 195.  Some fine bowling on display during this spell with Henry Wooding, Ed Bronimann, Dominic Osbourne all claiming wickets including wicket maidens for Henry and Dominic.  The last pair up for GPS and their secret weapon R. Hearn & J. Monk added 9 x 4’s between them and with a fine batting display left GCC with 247 to chase.


GCC opened the batting with Dominic Osborne & Henry Wooding immediately showing some nicely timed shots adding several singles and a 4, perhaps their enthusiasm catching them up with two lost wickets, but a reasonable score of 204.  The next four batsmen were all first timers for the GCC Academy.  Ed Gilbert-Blay & Sam May both went for it earning well deserved runs, including 2 x 4’s for Ed.  Lack of match experience didn’t seem to bother them too much, all in all bringing the score to 205.  The 2nd debut followed with Will Moss and Sam Wedgbury playing cautiously and a little unfortunate with wickets lost, but keeping their nerve nonetheless leaving the score at 188.  The 4th pair of Max McGee & Ed Bronimann went out with a bit of a mountain to climb, but from the off they went for it running up bye’s, singles and with well timed 4’s and extra’s they added 51 runs, 2 more than GPS’s last pairing, but crucially falling short of the win by 9.  Full credit to J. Warmington of GPS for his bowling in the final over, keeping his nerve and focus as the pressure mounted.


The Player of the Match and match ball was awarded to Rowena Hearn for her solid w/k and excellent batting performance, which included 7 x 4’s.  All in all a really enjoyable match with fantastic play by the teams in the true spirit of the game and I’m sure with much learned from their match experience.

Final score GCC 239 : GPS 247  (if only that bail had come off)

Derek McGee


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