A Surprise Dayboo Tops a Winning Draw for GCC Sunday

Goring Sunday arrived at their home ground for the fourth time this season with Reading Lawyers CC as the opposition. The skipper, Don Norman lost the toss for the sixth time (that makes it only one win out of the seven so far!), and was surprisingly put into bat for the first innings. The captains decided on a timed innings with a maximum of 8 overs per bowler.
The opening pair Steve Wincott and Matt Norman walked out to start off the game for 2pm. The game started solidly with two boundaries being picked off nicely by Matt and Steve picking up a boundary as well. Until the first wicket dismissal of Steve was seen in the 5th over at mid-off. Number 3 walked in rather drowsy or happily, nevertheless it was our guest batsmen of the day, Jeff Shaldon. Jeff started off slowly, and this rubbed off on Matt facing a further 24 dot balls, bringing him to 8 runs off 34 balls. At the half way stage with drinks, Goring Sunday was sitting on 66 for 1, a solid partnership slowly building with Jeff and Matt. 3 overs later Matt was stumped after realising he needed to accelerate his strike rate by scoring a typical 33 off 63 balls (and ending a solid partnership of 64 runs with Jeff); a good opening innings of seeing off the opening bowlers of the opposition.

The middle order then chipped in adding some runs to the team’s total, with Tom Castle looking good at the crease once again and helping Jeff reach his half century with style; later being dismissed for 58 in the 27th over. Alex Crawford and Charlie Edwards both had a neat cameo each at the crease. Until Goring Sunday were sitting on 126 for 6, Sean Sewell walked onto the square with no playing experience whatsoever, apart from the skipper teaching him the basics of how to score and how to hold the bat, ‘Pick it up as an axe, and this should be your comfortable grip of the bat.’ This provided a very interesting scene of Sean scoring some of his first runs for GCC, the question being was it beginners luck? Sean ended on 9 not out, having a good running partnership with the skipper Don coming in at number 10, contributing a 16 run partnership to end the first innings for Goring on 154 for 8 in 40 overs.
After a very refreshing tea provided by Steve, the second innings started at 5pm. With Don opening up the hill once again and Tom Hedge bowling his pace down the hill. Don struggled to control his swing, but decided to bowl his full spell of 8 overs, taking 3 wickets for 15 runs (including 6 wides and a no ball). Remarkably one of the wickets was caught by debutant Sean at square leg, showing his ability of leaning forward, catching it with a good pair of hands, and rolling for the audience to witness this raw new talent for Goring. Hedge bowled a controlled spell of 5 overs for a respectable 9 runs (including a maiden), he was very unlucky not to whip a wicket out of the ground.

At the half way stage, the Lawyers were sitting on 35 for 3 in the 15 overs bowled. With the remaining 20 overs left, Crawford came up the hill and Charlie bowling his controlled off spin down the hill. Crawford was very unlucky not to gain a wicket in his second over, the batsmen edging it to Matt with a diving catch to his right, although Matt was caught out with the tennis ball bounce from Crawford’s bowling, inevitably a drop and this behaved as a game changer for the rest of the day. Charlie completed his spell of 5 overs for only 14 runs, but missing out on close LBW appeals, at least one should have been given. Young Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft stepped up to bowl down the hill, and looked good once again with his accurate deliveries, also missing out on a possible LBW appeal, bowling his 5 over spell for only 18 runs. The game was quickly becoming a slow and disappointing end, with the opposition not playing any fancy aggressive strokes, but just placing their bats onto the ball, clearly aiming for a draw. The innings closed at 35 overs, with Tom Castle and Jeff both bowling a tight spell to end the Lawyers innings on 79 for 3.

A very low run rate, but it may be down to the Goring bowlers simply being too good for the opposition, apart from the few chances. Goring Sunday finished with a winning draw to complete the week.
Goring Sunday CC XI versus Reading Lawyers CC – scorecard
1st Innings – Goring Sunday CC (154 for 8)
1. Steve Wincott (8 runs)
2. Matt Norman (33)
3. Jeff Shaldon (58)
4. Tom Castle (8)
5. Ed Everitt (0)
6. Alex Crawford (11)
7. Charlie Edwards (7)
8. Sean Sewell (9*)
9. Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft (0)
10. Don Norman (11*)
11. Tom Hedge (DNB)
Extras (9)
2nd Innings – Reading Lawyers CC (79 for 3)
1. Don Norman (8 overs – 1 maiden – 15 runs – 3 wickets)
2. Tom Hedge (5-1-9-0)
3. Charlie Edwards (5-0-14-0)
4. Alex Crawford (6-1-11-0)
5. Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft (5-1-18-0)
6. Tom Castle (4-1-8-0)
7. Jeff Shaldon (2-1-2-0)


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