I Know What You Did Last Saturday

Too busy watching the Olympics?  Bored of @upswinger binge-tweeting on Saturday afternoon?  Well, here is Saturday’s must-win battle with IBIS in all its un(ron)bridled and unabridged glory

You must all be thinking what’s going on. Well let me tell you! Skipper won the toss, and put IBIS in. After 21 overs they are 62/3

 Correction 62/4 – Westcar snaffles a Slade lifter!

Whodafunkit! Drinks does in fact bring 2. Slade C&B and a Vickery LBW is celebrated with a Vulcan bomber fly past. 73/6 after 27

Westcar again! Pouncing on a thin edge off Barton. IBIS 98/7, but with 10 men effectively 8 down now.

Vickery finishes his last of a gruelling 12 over spell with 6 maidens, 23 for 2. 100/7 (8) after 33.

Barton in, bowls, out! 113/8 (9) after 35. Better get the urn on!

And that’s that! Deeks cleans up, IBIS finishing on 115ao in 36 overs

Tea done, and what a magnificent tea it was. Kent and the in-form….ah Westcar gone! Caught at gully GCC 5/1 after 2. Wincott up next.

The sun is shining, the wags are on wine and Kent & Wincott steer GCC to 50. 15 overs down, and all is well.

I can’t think of anything to update you on at the moment, so I won’t! 61/1 after 19.

Breaking News: Drinks! 77/1 after 23. 39 runs required from 180 balls at a rate of a little under 1.1 an over.

Wincott holes out at Mid Off for 32. Deeks in at No. 4 and dropped second ball! GCC still looking comfortable though…..

The required rate has now crept to 0.7 an over! 97/2 after 27.

WICKET! Deeks (12) gone, caught at 2nd. Carrier in, with 17 required from 25 overs, and Carrier gone El Bee! Everitt in!

100! After 33 overs, cautious, but still another 20 overs to go! Don’t think we’ll need them all – 16 required from 120 balls at 0.8 an over

Blimey! Wickets falling now. Everitt LBW. Vickery joins his brother-in-law, hopefully to bring GCC home. 101/5.

112/5 – Nelson avoided. 4 required.

Discussions over a phantom no-ball. However, it turns out to be irrelevant. GCC win by 6 wickets, Kent carries his bat for 37*. Done!


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