The Lord of the Thames – A Goring Sunday Trilogy!


The past 3 weeks have seen a remarkable turn of events for Goring Sunday CC, creating entertainment and fun cricket for everyone. Apologies for the mammoth read, but there has been a great demand for match reports!

Goring Sunday regains their winning ways

After an enticing draw from the previous week, where the game was saved by a draw by Tom Ferry who became a batting hero against a strong Britwell Salome CC. Goring Sunday then met Mouslford CC at home (29th July 2012). A really dry and warm week nearly became a disaster for the skipper, Don Norman, who came close to calling the game off due to a heavy downpour from midday to 1:30pm. Don was convinced that a game could still be played and decided together with the opposition skipper that a game would be played in the form of 35 limited overs, giving 7 overs per bowler and was put into bat losing the toss respectively.

The game started at 2:30pm, giving the opposition the benefit of a dry pitch, although this had no effect on Matt Norman and Peter Edwards who opened the batting and put on a solid start by putting 63 runs on the board. Going at a strong run-rate, the 12th over saw a turnaround for Mouslford, taking out the opening batsmen in one over. Owyn Tong-Jones needed to prove his technique could work on slow pitches and started to score runs, including a smashing forward off-drive for four; he made a respectable 28 run partnership with Richard Averill, who also provided a clear range of shots and boundaries. Once Owyn was dismissed, the run-rate had slowed down when Alex Crawford came in to bat. With only 1 run scored in 3 overs, Richard was later dismissed and Steve Wincott came in as the number 6 batsmen. Runs still hadn’t accelerated as expected by the skipper, and GCC fell to 121 for 5 in the 29.4 overs bowled. Stuart Baxter came in with an incredible youthful vibe to his batting, upping the run-rate with Steve playing his natural shots once again, and reaching 61 not out. The first innings finished on a high, scoring Goring Sunday’s highest total of 2012, 185 for 6 in the 35 overs.

The second innings had an interesting turn with a new opening pair, Tom Ferry bowling up the hill (starting to enjoy it apparently) and Rory Baxter bowling down the hill with his excellent technique and pace with the ball. Rory picked up the first wicket by enticing the opening batsmen to play the wrong shot and clean bowled him. Mouslford was sitting on 35 for 1 and economical bowling was in place with the first change bowler Charlie Edwards, starting off with a maiden and continuing to bowl his off-spin for minimum runs. Don Norman wasn’t pleased with his own bowling at the other end and decided to change himself for Owyn, incredibly dismissing two wickets in his first over. Changing the direction of the game once again, the attack was brought forward, and Alex Crawford coming into the action, bowling his seam deliveries. Struggling to hit the wicket, the skipper decided to change Crawford after his 3rd over back to Charlie to bowl his last two overs. Charlie dismissed their number 4 for no runs, another incredible display from a GCC junior. The bowlers were changed round to bowl the rest of the 35 overs, reducing Moulsford to 144 for 4. With an incredible all round performance from all the players; giving another win for GCC Sunday.

Goring Sunday CC XI versus Mouslford CC scorecard

1st Innings – GCC (185 for 6)

  1. Matt Norman (16 runs)
  2. Peter Edwards (37)
  3. Owyn Tong-Jones (10)
  4. Richard Averill (14)
  5. Alex Crawford (7)
  6. Steve Wincott (61*)
  7. Stuart Baxter (16)
  8. Charlie Edwards (1*)
  9. Rory Baxter (DNB)
  10. Don Norman (DNB)
  11. Tom Ferry (DNB)

Extras (23)

2nd Innings – Moulsford CC (144 for 4)

  1. Rory Baxter (7 overs – 0 maidens – 34 runs – 1 wicket)
  2. Tom Ferry (7-1-16-0)
  3. Charlie Edwards (7-1-25-1)
  4. Don Norman (7-0-28-0)
  5. Alex Crawford (4-1-15-0)
  6. Owyn Tong-Jones (3-0-19-2)


Battle of the Thames

After a great win at home last week, Goring Sunday travelled to Dorchester-on-Thames (5th August 2012). Witnessing a possible flash flood during midday; the game continued to commence with Goring playing five youth players in their side. Dorchester won the toss and chose to bat, putting Tom Hedge and Charlie Edwards to open with the ball.

Tom opened the bowling with an 11 ball over to get the game started, although Charlie on the other end bowled a six over spell for only 12 runs to decrease the run rate. Tom was taken off for a one over spell, and Don Norman came on to bowl, bowling a couple of maidens and bowling one of the opening batsmen out. This promoted a change for the other end, with Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft coming on to bowl his seam, starting well in his early overs by keeping the run-rate below 4 runs an over. Alex McGee was Don’s change and bowled brilliantly taking 3 wickets for 14 runs. Other young bowlers were included in the mix, including Tom Castle and Andy Steele bowling decent pace. The average age for the bowling attack was just 15.5 years (excluding Tom Hedge’s over); ending with Dorchester sitting on 172 for 5 in 41 overs bowled, with remarkable bowling from the GCC bowlers.

The second innings saw GCC start off slow, with young Andy Steele opening the batting with Peter Edwards. Unfortunately Andy fell in the second over, so did Tom Castle falling in the fourth over. A reunited partnership arrived at the crease; Matt Norman joined Peter, with GCC sitting at 8 runs for 2 wickets at the early stage of the second innings. Runs started to tick maturely, with Peter playing solid ground and air strokes to score runs that looked merely too easy. His talent was great to watch, and Matt joined in scoring the dominance of his runs on the leg-side. The next wicket fell at the much later second half of the innings in the 36th over, with Peter being dismissed for 98 when the scores were level at 172; an incredible third wicket partnership of 164  between Peter & Matt(missing out by 11 runs on the previous club record of 174 runs in 1997). Even though the scores were levelled, the game hadn’t ended yet, with the loss of Peter, also saw the loss of Alex McGee and Ed Everitt in the same over, until the last over was bowled with the new reformed batsmen Tom Hedge scoring the winning boundary to seal Goring Sunday’s second win in a row, and not to mention undefeated for 4 games.

Goring Sunday CC XI versus Dorchester-on-Thames CC scorecard

1st Innings – Dorchester-on-Thames CC (172 for 5)

  1. Tom Hedge (1 over – 0 maidens – 11 runs – 0 wickets)
  2. Charlie Edwards (7-0-17-1)
  3. Don Norman (9-2-42-1)
  4. Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft (6-0-33-0)
  5. Alex McGee (7-2-14-3)
  6. Tom Castle (5-1-23-0)
  7. Andy Steele (6-1-30-0)

2nd Innings – GCC (176 for 5)

  1. Peter Edwards (98 runs)
  2. Andy Steele (0)
  3. Tom Castle (0)
  4. Matt Norman (63*)
  5. Alex McGee (0)
  6. Ed Everitt (0)
  7. Tom Hedge (4*)
  8. Steve Wincott (DNB)
  9. Charlie Edwards (DNB)
  10. Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft (DNB)
  11. Don Norman (DNB)

Extras (11)


‘The Return of the King’

Goring Sunday XI continued their remarkable run on Sunday 12th August 2012. Goring travelled away once again, to meet a side they hadn’t met for some years, Aston’s CC at Aston Tirrold, with the addition of their new pavilion, the pitch looked green with a small outfield. The skipper, won his third coin toss of the season, and decided to bat a timed innings of 2 and a half hours.

Steve Wincott was given the opportunity to celebrate his GCC landmark of 365 days on the cricket field, walking out with Alex Crawford. The opening partnership was slow but runs started to collect, until Steve fell unluckily for 20, being caught behind by the keeper. After Matt Norman’s show on the previous week, he was raised to the handy number 3 bat for the innings. GCC saw the runs surpass 100, 150 and 200…yes the highest score of the season. Crawford and Matt added a remarkable 159 runs for their second wicket, until Matt fell for 57 (his first back to back 50’s for GCC) with 15 minutes to go in the innings. And after consistent persistence by the Sunday skipper, Lewis Introna was introduced to the Sunday squad for his debut, scoring a neat 8 not out, with Crawford carrying his bat for 148 not out, a remarkable innings; Goring ending on 250 for 2.

Goring felt confident for their next innings, but could not foresee what lay ahead. Opening up with two Tom’s, Castle down the hill and Ferry up the hill. Castle provided a slow start but bowled a maiden with his first ever opening spell for GCC. Ferry was bowling all over the place, but took two excellent wickets in his first spell, including an excellent seaming delivery to get rid of the hard hitting opener. Charlie Edwards came on as first change and bowled with his normal consistency, but felt a slight injury in his shoulder and Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft was brought into the attack. Alfie took another 2 remarkable wickets, including a forward diving catch by Crawford. Mike Deeks was included in the bowling attack, creating extra width for the Goring bowlers. The game got tough with the opposition building on a good partnership, Crawford and Ferry bowled the remaining overs, each taking out their opposition’s strongest batsmen of the day. The game was exceptional for a Sunday, scoring a total of 490 runs and only seeing 9 wickets fall, Goring ended just on top with a winning draw, with Aston’s ending on 240 for 7, an excellent game.

Goring Sunday CC XI versus Aston’s CC scorecard

1st Innings – GCC (250 for 2 – 43 overs)

  1. Steve Wincott (20 runs)
  2. Alex Crawford (148*)
  3. Matt Norman (57)
  4. Lewis Introna (8*)
  5. Ed Everitt (DNB)
  6. Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft (DNB)
  7. Mike Deeks (DNB)
  8. Charlie Edwards (DNB)
  9. Don Norman (DNB)
  10. Tom Castle (DNB)
  11. Tom Ferry (DNB)

Extras (17)

2nd Innings – Aston’s CC (240 for 7 – 37 overs)

  1. Tom Castle (4 overs – 1 maiden – 30 runs – 0 wickets)
  2. Tom Ferry (11-0-66-3)
  3. Charlie Edwards (3-0-13-0)
  4. Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft (5-0-22-2)
  5. Mike Deeks (5-1-33-0)
  6. Don Norman (4-0-38-0)
  7. Alex Crawford (6-1-25-1)

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