Academy win GCC Ei8ghts 2012

GCC’s first ever Ei8hts Tournament for U15’s took place last Saturday at GCC and I’m delighted to report that Goring didn’t disappoint, beating the very real competition put up by Checkendon, Moreton and Whitchurch & Pangbourne CC’s, some including County Players.

The first game was due to start at 10am, I arrived at about 8:40, to see PJ already preparing the wicket in the sunshine, even at that hour it was getting hot on what I think was the hottest day of the year.

Boundary flags out and some of the team players began to arrive, along with a certain A. Crawford who actually tried to poach a couple of GCC openers there and then for the 1st’s match later that day, but they didn’t cave, they knew where the quality was to be found;-)

And so with 10am approaching the first pair from Checkendon walked out to play GCC and the wickets quickly began to fall.  2 each for Edwards, Prince with 1 wkt and r/o for the skipper McGee.  Into bat came the GCC opening partnership of Tong-Jones and Brown, Tong-Jones off to a slow start by his standards, 11. Brown ending 6 not out.  McGee and Edwards several a piece, but Edwards crucially delivering a 4 on penultimate ball for the win, 38-37.

At noon, Moreton v Goring.  Moreton scoring 53 for the loss of 4 wickets, Brown taking an awesome catch.  Edwards 1 wkt, McGee 2 incl a c/b plus a r/o.  In came Tong-Jones and McGee to open this time, Tong-Jones let rip, started with a 6 off of the 2nd ball and some 4’s finishing on 39, McGee 10.  With extra’s winning after 5.2 overs on 54 runs.

At 2pm Goring v Whitchurch & Pangbourne.  Goring opened with Tong-Jones and McGee.  Once again Tong-Jones delivered a 6 off of the 2nd ball, with more 4’s and another 6 finally cleaned bowled at 32.  McGee stayed in with 24, Edwards 6 out c/b and Castle finishing off nicely 17 not out, 4 x 4’s and a single.  91 on the board.  Whitchurch always looked handy but had a hill to climb, which proved too steep.  Although their openers stayed in notching up 38 and 21 apiece, largely due to some strong fielding by Brown at cover.  Game ending 91-63, meaning Goring had won their 3 and the Tournament.  But full credit, they kept quiet and sat down to enjoy the last game, perhaps with the pressure off we saw a high score of 99 for the day from Checkendon, not bad off of 8 overs.

The final result

Goring 9 pts and officially Goring on Thames C.C. Colts Ei8hts Tournament Winners

Checkendon 6 pts

Whitchurch & Pangbourne 3 pts

Moreton 0 pts.


GCC stats


Owyn Tong-Jones W/K:  82 runs, 41 Average

Robert Brown:  6 & 6.  1 Catch

Alex McGee C:  39 & 39.  1 Caught/B, 2 R/O, 2Wkts

Charlie Edwards:  12 & 12.  3 Clean/B, 1 Catch

Tom Castle:  17 & 17

Haydn Whitehouse-Lloyd: dnb or bowl

Alfie Gammer-Flitcroft:  0-29

Ray Prince:  dnb, 1 Clean/B, 1Caught/B

Big thanks to the 12th Men – Rowan Prince and Max McGee, their to support and just in case.

A big shout out for Owyn and Haydn, one amassing 82 runs, the other showing great spirit, never got to bat or bowl but never lost enthusiasm on the field throughout a very hot day, great fielding too.

Lastly, many thanks for helping to make the day a success to:

Umpires: Clive, Tony, Keith and Dominic

Andrew T-J and Sean – heavy lifting,

Marjo, Diana and Fiona, Teas

PJ, a perfect wicket.

All of the Coaches, parents and players!




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