GCC Presidents Day 2012

It’s here!  GCC Presidents Day and Cricnic – Sunday 2nd September 2012.

Timetable for the day is:

11.00am – Arrival and Set-Up.  Bacon Rolls and Coffee

12.00pm – President’s XI ‘vs’ GCC XI T20

2.30-3.00pm – Academy Presentations and Tea

3.30pm – Over 30 XI ‘vs’ Under 30 XI T20

There will be Ales and Lagers available during the day.  Everyone is invited to bring down family and friends, cats and dogs (No lions please!), picnics and refreshments.  We are providing the entertainment (nearly!) – we just need you to provide the atmosphere.

The current Squads are as follows:

GCC XI (From)

  1. S. Wincott
  2. T. Deeks
  3. T. Tomlinson
  4. O. Carrier
  5. D. Norman
  6. D. Kent
  7. K. Barton *
  8. J. Westcar
  9. E. Everitt
  10. A. McGee
  11. D. Lewis

President’s XI

  1. A. Hedge (Pres.)
  2. T. Hedge
  3. T. Ferry
  4. A. Crawford
  5. S. Gordon
  6. C. Lewis
  7. A. Ankerson
  8. D. Sarney+
  9. L Sexon
  10. P. Edwards
  11. J. Sheldon

GCC Under 30 XI (From)

  1. O. Carrier
  2. T. Castle
  3. A. Crawford
  4. M. Deeks
  5. T. Deeks
  6. C. Edwards
  7. E Everitt
  8. T. Jones
  9. D. Norman *
  10. O. Tong Jones
  11. A. McGee

GCC Over 30 XI (From)

  1. S. Wincott
  2. D Kent
  3. A. Ankerson
  4. C. Lewis
  5. T. Ferry
  6. S. James
  7. T. Tomlinson
  8. L. Sexon
  9. J. Westcar
  10. A. Silver
  11. D. Lewis

As you can see, we are over/under subscribed for some teams, so there may well be some changes.

If you are available, and are not on these lists, please let Toby know – everyone available will get a game.


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