A Year In The Life Of Stephen Wincott

As your children are growing up, there’s no better way of spending your weekends than being out on the cricket pitch for 15 hours – and the very large majority of that stood as first slip – or at the crease.

Steve’s dream bowling attack

In 2012, Steve achieved the unbelievable “365 game” milestone with GCC. He still rues the fact that his daughter was born on a Sunday – and hence this milestone came one day later than her hoped. He did, of course, have a secret Tuesday morning January wedding a few years back too, where the congregation both remarked how unlikely it was that he would miss a cricket match at such an obscure day/time due to his nuptuals.

Here, in his own words, Steve describes his year-long “Anus Cricketus” and his selection of key players and moments that made it worthwhile:




This season saw my 365th game for GCC. I love playing for the G and curse the fact that I did not have the chance to spend my formative years smashing juniors, corporate XIs and old men around the Gardiner Recreation Ground. I’ve played with many great characters and players during the past ten seasons and have selected my dream teams from those years along with a brief list of the highs and lows that I’ll eventually take with me into retirement and the bowling green. Thanks all for the great memories !

Goring’s Dream Team
1  Armitage Jnr
2  Smith W*
3  Grant I
4  Kent D
5  Ross J
6  Deeks T
7  Harrigan D+
8  Clarke D
9  Slade P
10  Vickery J
11  Crawford A


Winkers Dream Team
1  Beast
2  Armitage Snr (because I’d like to see his head explode at the lunacy of it all)
3  Winkers*
4  The Guv’nor
5  Jim’s Toe
6  Balkinshaw
7  Maestro
8  Weasel
9  Big Gay Al
10  Splodge
11  Studs+


Top 5 Moments

Lenny lets off a bit of steam

1  Lenny’s Michael Holding impersonation.
2  The Beast losing it at Ruislip Victoria 2012.
3  GCC 2s away at Newbury 3s – the game to end all games.
4  Largey/Hedge Jnr/Ferry trying to take catches using their faces.
5  Schoolmaster Jim telling us off at Peppard away c2003.


Bottom 5 Moments
1 Being bowled by a girl.
2 Losing at darts to a girl.
3 Any time we had to erect the old canvas sight screens.
4 The “All Games Rained Off” Tour.
5 Rupturing my Achilles tendon – it was tender for a couple of days.


A few words of encouragement for the Academy: Practice and this could happen to you.


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