Excusez Moi Monsieur, Avez Vous Un Snicker?

Congratulations to all the GCC players who recently ran in the Goring 10K

Jamie Vickery - 0.45:37

Jamie Vickery – 0.45:37

Duncan Kent 0.50:49

Duncan Kent 0.50:49


Jonny Russell 0.57:57, Lewis Introna 1.04:36, Jonny Westcar 0.56.10 & Donny Norman 0.53:58

Jonny Russell 0.57:57, Lewis Introna 1.04:36, Jonny Westcar 0.56.10 & Donny Norman 0.53:58

The 1ok is a fun event, and a lot of money is raised for the Primary School…..but……

Its not a sprint!

Its not a sprint!

…..Jamie Vickery, not content with running the New York Marathon in 2011 (4h 05:40), and the Las Vegas Marathon in 2012 (3h 57:04), will also be running in The London Marathon on April 21st.

Jamie is running in aid of Sense, a national UK charity supporting children and adults who are deafblind (deaf and blind – imagine how scary a world that is!).  They provide specialist services to those with this dual-impairment, including independent living support, children’s services including breaks and activities, one-to-one adult support, and general extra-sensory activities to afford people with this disability as much quality in their life as they can.

You can sponsor Jamie on his Just Giving Page – http://www.justgiving.com/jamievickery

Its not difficult, and when your sat at home on the 21st watching the Marathon, just remember there are people out there who cant.  And Jamie, will be doing his bit to try and help them in their future.  I’ve just dropped him £50 for doing it – you can sponsor him what you like, but each and every penny will make Jamie’s every step of the 26.2 mile course seem more worthwhile.

Just in case you missed it – here’s that link again….  http://www.justgiving.com/jamievickery

Jamie, Good Luck from everyone at GCC – and just remember, once you ‘Hit The Wall’, just pretend Dobbsy built it!


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