AGM Minutes 2013


Goring Cricket Club

Minutes: AGM 15 March 2012 8pm.

Catherine Wheel


Toby Tomlinson (TT), Steve Wincott (SW), Tom Hedge (TH), Duncan Kent (DK), J Russell, Steve Purnell, Donovan Norman, Kenza Barton, Peter Slade, Len Sexon, Derek McGee, Tom Ferry, Simon Butterfield, Owyn Tong-Jones, Andy Tong-Jones, Tony Hedge, Tom Hedge, Len Sexon, Keith Walker


Andy Ankerson, Steve Haines, Jonny Westcar, Will Smith

Minutes of previous AGM:

Prop: K Barton, Sec:  P Slade

Chairman’s Report:

TT to stand down as Chairman after seven years as he is moving away from Goring. He thanked all who had helped him during this time. TT congratulated P Slade and all other winners from the 2012 Awards dinner. Thanks also to Pete and Colin for their work on the square in a difficult/wet season. Thanks also to Captains. Successful tour with new fixture (Westwood Ho!). Thanks to Tom Hedge for stats update.


Team Overview:


K Barton:

Happy with first year as Captain, slow start and lots of rain but improvement by end of season. Batting needs to improve for 2013 season. Generally team is moving in the right direction. DMcG asked about introduction of older academy players in a structured way – KB stated that he would want them to commit to a full season and would pick them on regular basis.


D Norman:

Won 5, drawn 6 out of 16, got a team of 11 out every week except for one. Juniors played well and contributed with bat and ball. Overall good season but room to improve. Good set of Sunday fixtures planned for 2013.


J Russell:

Ultra’s T/20 – most club members have played over last 2 seasons. Often had more than 11 to pick from. This season 11 fixtures, 6 home and 5 away.




Appointment of Captains for 2013:

Club Captain: Kenza Barton, Sunday: D Norman, Ultra’s J Russell – all proposed by Committee, seconded by S Butterfield – all approved.


Academy Overview

2012 was a good season, 40+ juniors in <10, <13 and <16 age groups. Hope that older ones will now move into senior teams. Most Academy players now 11 years old and will be playing in an <13 tournament.

Gauntlet Goblet – played 3 and just missed out on finals.

First game vs Goring Primary School this season and has led to a formal partnership. U16 tournament for first time too with three teams already confirmed for the 2013 tournament. Thanks to Clive Everett, K Walker, TT and Tony Hedge plus three Captains and Performance cricket. Looking forward to 2013. TT thanks Derek for all his hard work and also Marjo. SW asked how we are progressing re keeping U16 with GCC. Derek said only really lost one regular U16 player so far. Owen Tong-Jones stated that he enjoyed experience of Senior cricket

Treasurer’s report & Accounts:

Audited accounts presented to AGM (Accounts audited by Jonny Russell).

£1,000 up on last year despite a wet season.

Overall in a good financial position with no concerns. Thanks to Jonny Russell for acting as auditor. He will not be auditor in 2013. Will Brownlee has agreed to take over and was proposed by SW and seconded by T Ferry

Accounts: Prop Steve Wincott, Sec – S Butterfield – all in favour.


Club Objectives

Club Mark Statues and Funding: In 2012 we aimed to build a new net facility. This has proved to be a more difficult process than had been hoped. To get the grants needed the club needs to obtain Club Mark Status. We should be submitting our application to ECB in due course and hope to get Club Mark Status by Mid-2013. Time scale from receipt of grants to finished nets = 9 months. Nets expected to cost £22,000+. We will need to make a minor amendment to our rules re following ECB code of conduct. AGM agreed that new committee could deal with this.

TT stated that he would continue with the nets project until it was complete.

Funding – President Tony Hedge has made two very generous donations in last two years. These will be used for specific major purchases rather than on day-to-day running of club. Other funding from 100 club, quiz and golf day.

Objective remains to be “the club of choice in the area”. Player recruitment still an issue and everyone should be responsible for this. DMcG suggested that every member should make it their aim in 2013 to introduce one new player to GCC. Other suggestions also discussed, including, posters around village to advertise next home games. Beer with opposition after the game still an excellent idea.


Sponsor Update

Our new sponsor is “PimpMyStumps” – Pate Slade has very generously donated 32x 4 piece kit. GCC will be exchanging it for players £50 subs – all first team players expected to wear GCC PimpMyStumps kit on match day.




Election of Officers:

President – Tony Hedge

Chairman – Duncan Kent

Treasurer – Steve Wincott

Secretary – Keith Walker

Fixtures Secretary – Jonny Russell

Club Captain – Kenza Barton

Sunday Captain – Donovan Norman

Other committee members – Tom Hedge, Derek McGee, Simon Butterfield


The above were voted in on block:

Proposed TT Seconded T Ferry.


Election of Auditor Will Brownlee – Prop ALL – Sec – All – Approved


Easter Egg Hunt – Fri 29 Mar 13 10:30am

All thanked Keith Walker for umpiring in 2012

Upswinger needs contributions – send to SW/TT

TT thanked all for help during his time as Chairman and stated that he “had enjoyed every second”.

DK thanked TT on behalf of GCC for 7 years as Chairman.

Fixture cards circulated

Meeting closed 10:04pm.





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