“I am just going outside and may be some time”

GCC’s last Sunday game was versus the famous Captains Scott XI. The game was home that succumbed to a day of overcast and light rain. The Match Ball Sponsor, Trevor Norman flipped the coin; and winning on tails, Don the skipper decided to bowl first in a timed game.

The first innings was opened by the GCC Sunday skipper and Tom Ferry, both starting off with a tight line; Ferry dismissed one of their opening batsmen to a neat mid-wicket catch by Tom Castle. Captains Scott XI CC were put under pressure in their early overs until their number 2 and 3 scored a remarkable 200 run partnership, ending the first innings on 234/4. Simon Hall dismissed their number 3 to end their innings on a declaration.

The second innings was inevitable, with persistent light rain slowing the outfield making the runs tougher for the GCC batsmen. Don decided to open the bat with Simon Butterfield to create a solid foundation. The innings become slow and predictable to premature, Chetan scored a neat 40 with GCC Sunday ending the game in a draw, scoring a mere 114/5 against a strong and experienced side.


Match Scorecard (Sunday 13 May 2013)

First innings – Captains Scott XI 234/4 (34.5 overs)

Stepney M       Ct Castle          Ferry T                        12

Hart J              Bowled            Chetan             92

Watson D+      Ct Butterfield   Hall S               115

Reilly S*           Bowled            Chetan             0

Reilly J             Not Out                                    3

Nacher U, Hodgson E, Nacher A, Crabb G, Vale D, Patel (DNB)


Norman D                    5-1-27-0

Ferry T                                    4-0-29-1

Castle T                       4-0-34-0

Chetan                         7-0-23-2

Gammer-Flitcroft G      4-0-31-0

Sujith                           6-0-49-0

Butterfield S                1-0-20-0

Hall S                           4.5-0-23-1


Second innings – GCC Sunday XI 114/5 (38 overs)

Norman D        Bowled            Vale D             18

Butterfield S    Ct Hart             Crabb G           22

Hall S               Run Out                                   3

Castle T           Bowled            Crabb G           0

Chetan             Ct Riley J         Hodgson E       40

Tomlinson T     Not Out                                    13*

Sujith               Not Out                                    0*

Hedge T, Ferry T, Wincott S, Gammer-Flitcroft A (DNB)


Hodgson E                   8-3-10-0

Nacher A                     4-1-16-0

Crabb G                       7-2-15-2

Vale D                         8-0-23-1

Patel                            4-1-18-0

Nacher U                     4-0-17-0

Watson D                    3-0-6-1

Match drawn


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