Goring CC visited Checkendon CC for the 5th Sunday game of their season. Don Norman lost the toss for the first time this season and Checkendon CC chose to bowl first with a timed format agreed. After a poor run-out in the first over, GCC opening batsman Steve Wincott batted his first half-century with some crafty shot combinations. The middle of the innings was held together by Ed Everitt with a neat 31. GCC declared on 176/9.

The second innings ended in 30 overs, with aggressive fielding positioning by GCC. Some notable bowling performances by Tom Ferry, who bowled a 9 over opening spell taking 4 wickets for 36 runs, and aggressive in-swinging deliveries by Simon Hall who dismissed 2 of the top order with wickets caught in the slip cordon. Owyn Tong-Jones was unlucky not to take any wickets considering his pace, but another U15 bowler, Tom Castle ended his 5 over spell taking 2 wickets for just 7 runs.

GCC Sunday won the game by 106 runs, their second 100 plus run victory this season.

Match scorecard (Sunday 19 May 2013)

First innings – Goring CC 176/9 (41 overs)

Wincott S         Ct Gray                        Hege S            50

Butterfield S+  Run Out                                               0

Tong-Jones O Bowled                        Shaik L            4

Hall S               Ct Chib             Arrow-Smith S            16

Everitt E           Bowled                        Wickens H       31

Castle T           Hit Wicket                                            10

Hedge T           Bowled                        Chib V             7

Crawford A     C&B                             Chib V             19

Norman D*       Ct Breakspear J          Chib V             6

Ferry T                        Not Out                                                2

Warren J         Not Out                                                11

Extras              (W-17, NB-1, B-1, LB-1)                     20


Shaik L            8 overs, 0 maidens, 27 runs, 1 wicket

Arrow-Smith S            6-0-36-1

Hege S            6-1-14-1

Breakspear J   5-0-27-0

Chib V             9-1-32-3

Wickens H       7-1-38-1


Second innings – Checkendon CC 70 all out (30 overs)

Breakspear I+  Ct Butterfield               Ferry T                        12

Yalambalse C  Ct Crawford                Hall S               5

Hege S            Ct Crawford                Hall S               7

Chib V             Ct Norman                   Ferry T                        8

Gray L*            LBW                            Ferry T                        8

Breakspear J   Ct Wincott                    Castle T           9

Gray J             LBW                            Ferry T                        1

Greenberg E    Bowled                        Norman D        5

Shaik L            Bowled                        Castle T           0

Arrow-Smith S            Not Out                                                4

Wickens H       Ct Hall                          Crawford A     0

Extras              (W-3, NB-3, B-5, LB-0)                       11


Ferry T                        10 overs, 2 maidens, 38 runs, 4 wickets

Hall S               6-2-15-2

Castle T           5-0-7-2

Tong-Jones O 5-2-3-0

Norman D        3-2-1-1

Crawford A     0.1-0-0-1

GCC Sunday win by 106 runs



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