1st XI’s 1st Win 1st Match Report…….

It was a little early to be talking about must win games, but Saturday’s game against Farley Hill could well justify that tag. After a disappointing and winless start to the league season, Goring were in danger of getting marooned in the relegation zone after just 5 games.


Long debates had been following games, at local hostelries and at committee as to what was missing from the Goring performances this season. Ultimately all were agreed that we had to go out on the field to a man, commit hard, bat with drive and concentration and field with passion. Charley Farley was the time to bring this all on to the field…..


Skipper Kenza wore the GCC maroon club blazer for the first time and after a 20 minute toss strategy and practice session with the Maestro, Kenza returned victorious (proving practice makes perfect….) and choosing to be positive and batting first.


Without doubt we needed a platform and a positive start. To his credit, despite a disappointing First XI season to date, ‘Box Office’ Butterfield came out swinging and had scored a quick-fire 36 before the Beast had barely scored a run. Recognising the frailty and unhappiness from opening the bowling of the opposition’s leg spinner Potts (after extensive enquiry this is his only name – no first name, very bizarre), Nutterfield chose to punish him and did it with great aplomb. For his watching teammates to see a scoreboard reading 50-0 off 8 overs was one of those finer moments in life.


Simon departed soon after, but this allowed James Mott to take to the crease. James, a recent KPMG recruit, was making his debut for the club and rumours of a potential player were circulating based on his Loughborough University history. After the first stylish leave it was clear that this was an innings worth watching.


Will settled in to his role as anchor for the innings and James began to show his array of shorts as GCC cruised to drinks with only one wicket down. Finally Smith succumbed on 34 after getting his foot stuck outside the crease and being stumped by Farley’s alert keeper. This brought Ultras skipper, Jonny Russell, to the crease. The last time he batted for the first team it was in much different circumstances, 14-5, compared to the current 138-2. This allowed Jonny to be slightly more aggressive than usual……


James picked the pace up with some good running between the wickets and soon reached fifty for Goring on his debut – a great achievement! However he then departed after a knock of 60 following a knick behind. Russell then succumbed on 18, being caught at deep mid-on for the 7th time this season, which brought GCC legends, Duncan Kent and Pete Slade to the wicket. Duncan was showing true commitment to the GCC cause – his day at already involved putting out fires and making the tea before the rest of us had even got out of bed. Maybe this took his toll as Duncan gave the bowler a return catch to be the only duck of the day.


With wickets flowing steadily, runs drying up and overs running out, it looked like we were going to drift to a slightly disappointing score. However, this did not take into account the fact that the Goring’s player, batsmen, bowler, sponsor, printer and bloke of the year, Pete Slade, was still at the crease. After strategically running out Tom Hedge by making him run further than he has for 5 years, Pete went on a one man mission to push the score as high as possible. He finished on a highly impressive 40 not out off less than 20 balls. Goring finishing after 45 overs on 222-8 – a much improved performance and platform for victory.


But only half the job was done and over a high-quality tea the players mulled over how they were going to ensure victory (it can be noted here that maybe catching practice rather than chat could have been advantageous…..)


Kenza and Pete opened the bowling and set an excellent tone with some tight lines and probing length. The breakthrough came when the Farley opener popped up a doddle of a catch to Butterfield in the covers……but wait no, somehow Simon conspired to drop it….Thankfully the tone did not appear to have been set as in Kenza’s next over Will took a steepler of a catch at first slip. A couple of LBW’s later from Slade and Goring were looking at the decent start they needed.


Wickets flowed steadily through the innings, Kenza shining towards the end of his 12 over long spell with some excellent clean bowled deliveries. The skipper returning with figures of 4-51 off his 12 overs. With Fairy Hill on 87-6, all was looking rosey, but Kenza was short of bowlers. Thoughts turned to debutant Mott and whether he had bowling skills as well as batting in his armoury. James was thrown the ball and it was clear early on that he had some gas (by BCL div 1 standards anyway…). Andy Silver standing as far back as he has all season and gully nearly being a third man – this was different to what we were used to as James looked for the edges / mistimed hooks with lifting deliveries. An edge was found in his first over and keeper Silver snaffled it gratefully.


Splodge then took the stage and picked up a couple of wickets with his usual guile and bonhomie. Victory was inevitable at 132-9 with about 13 overs left to take the final wicket. Or was it……after a scratchy catching display things took a turn for the worse as Nutterfield dropped a sitter on one leg at square leg, Hedgey shelled another easy one and even the normally reliable Jonny Russell dropped a straightforward chance for the match at mid-off, which made it 10 drops in the match by Goring. The wheels were coming off……and in a big way – all of a sudden the 10th wicket partnership had scored 50 and Farley were even eyeing an improbable victory with 6 overs left and 43 runs to win.


Thankfully, James came to the rescue with another lifting delivery that caught the edge and was taken confidently by Andy Silver. Cue a mixture of sheer jubilation and relief – GCC had secured their first victory of the season and a maximum 37 points (thanks to Keith for a sterling umpiring performance and 2 umpiring points for the team).


All of a sudden the bottom half of the BCL division 1 table looks tight and we can really look to go on a march up the league with some very winnable matches coming up in the rest of June! Come on G’s!!!




Smith W                               St Longfield       Bowled Abassi                                  34

Butterfield S                                                       Bowled Salter                                    36

Mott J                                   Ct Longfield       Bowled Abassi                                  60

Russell J                               Ct Hammond      Bowled Potts                                   18

Kent D                                                                  C & B Potts                                          0

Slade P                                                                 NOT OUT                                            40

Silver A                                  Ct Abassi             Bowled Potts                                     8

Russell M                                                             Bowled Potts                                     1

Hedge T                                                               Run out                                                3

Barton K                                                               NOT OUT                                             0

Hodges M                                        DNB

Extras                                                                                                                                    22

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   222 for 8


Potts                     4 for 55

S Abassi                2 for 66

Salter M                1 for 38



Ditchburn R                        Ct Smith               Bowled Barton                                  5

Longfield S                                                          LBW Slade                                           16

Jalil A                                                                     LBW Slade                                           0

Salter M                               Ct Silver                Bowled Barton                                  39

Garrod C                                                              Bowled Barton                                  1

Hammond R                                                       Bowled Barton                                  10

Holland P                             Ct Silver                Bowled Mott                                     13

Jameson P                          Ct Silver                Bowled Mott                                     36

Abassi S                                                                LBW Hodges                                       9

Vorster J                                                              Bowled Hodges                                10

Potts                                                                     NOT OUT                                             21

Extras                                                                                                                                    19

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   179 all out


Barton K               4 for 51

Slade P                 2 for 18

Hodges M           2 for 34

Mott J                   2 for 35


GORING won by 43 runs


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