GCC Academy v Goring Primary School

For the 2nd year Goring CC Academy welcomed Goring Primary School for a competitive friendly after school one sunny June evening.  On the winning the toss GPS skipper Josh Monk put GCCA into bat.  The pairs format was chosen for the match as it’s well suited to the range of ages and abilities on both teams.  Each side of 8 players play in pairs, each pair facing 4 overs, a 16 over inning.  Each team starts with 200 runs and can add to this score in the usual way, crucially though, a loss of wicket is expensive as 8 runs are deducted from the team score, an approach good for teaching batsmen/women patience and which deliveries to play and which to leave or defend.  GPS were able to make to inflict some damage in GCCA’s middle order by taking 2 wickets, after 16 overs GCCA’s score stood at 251.  A good score in this format.

GPS’s came into bat (including Rowena Hearn, Samir Enright and Bertie Spencer who also play for Goring) with the opening pair adding 9 runs but unfortunately losing a wicket thereby adding a just 1 to their total.  GPS’s continued to chase the score, to their credit adding 45, however with a loss of 5 wickets (-40) the GCCA were able to hold them to a total score of 205.  Securing Goring CC Academy the win, 251 v 205.  As with last year, the match was played competitively and most importantly in the spirit of cricket with children and parents enjoying some fine cricket.  No doubt both teams are looking forward to next year!
Back row l-r: Joe Gilbert-Blay, Rowan Prince, Henry & Toby Skilling
Front row l-r: Max McGee (C), Ed Gilbert-Blay (Wkt), Henry Wooding, Rhydian Watson (not in picture)

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